Why mgtow is growing

I will say that when you break down the reality of something that often is weaponized or deemed caustic, you kind of see why so many straight men feel so lost. The concept of human lust is an easy thing to understand regardless of sexuality, gender, race, economic or political identity. Not only that, we SEE men who not only have it easier but also get the kind of attention we only dream about.

Within reason one can understand why some men fair better in the modern dating pool than others, but when you listen to the lower ranked men you get an insight into what the core of the worry is for many men. Yes, men are not owed sex by women, but if we are working under the paradigm that affection needs to be EARNED, this is where men start to get frustrated as it feels often like the threshold for what is tolerated as far as flaws and shortcomings from a man is contingent on if he fits a certain level of what is lusted by physically by women.

Speaking from a very common yet anecdotal perspective of a lot of men, many of us notice that no amount of charm or character seems to help in a dating pool run by women that seem to make excuses for men that are general dolts or even actively toxic to them but are their physical ideal. So what is the solution? Because the ugly truth is that the modern life of a single, childless woman is far easier to watch than that of a single childless man.

We might make a lot and can often pay our bills on time, but often we find ourselves spending money almost entirely on us. Meanwhile, we still get shows like Girls and Insecure, derivatives of the grandmother of these kinds of shows in the modern frame, Sex and the City, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Men today are dropping out, not having kids and not getting married, not because of a hate for women, but rather that the incentives for us to find relationships and the like is losing ground in the face of the material reality of things. In short, how do you sell this generation of men on pursuing women when clearly we see that a great deal of us are often left unnoticed?

Using the black community as an example, we often have so many men tapping out of the dating pool because from what a lot of us see, many of us live in a perpetual glut of black female attention.

No, we are not owed it. Which I get, I really do. But heres the thing…. Women have a right to choose who they date, marry, and have kids with. I say that to ask the question: why are you mad men are going away, leaving you alone and giving men a path that never crosses with yours so you can be happy with the men that, again, even YOU recognize is an inherent problem?

And you know this because many of you, by your own rightful choice, have decided to stop having kids yourself because I think even YOU know that the men left that you want to fuck is narrowing and the men that are actually emotionally built to be fathers is dropping and not a lot of them are men that get you hot and bothered.

And no amount of shaming will change that. This is a pattern we see. Email Address. All views expressed by contributors of the Onyx Truth website do not necessarily reflect the views of the Onyx Truth website owner. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By Onyx Contributors on May 4, Share. Share The Truth Like this: Like Loading Articles submitted by freelance writers. Related Items OT.Feminism is about gender equality.

Why are these misgyonists encouraging hate towards women? Men should have more respect and courtesy towards women, because women still have less rights. MGTOW's are poor human beings.

Why is MGTOW growing so rapidly?

They are just insecure. And Ashley, don't expect you will get support from men just because we helped you liberate women. Craving for acceptance just shows your not worthy.

why mgtow is growing

Two reasons. One feminist are going out of their way to oppress the common man which in turn is making relationships hard to establish without being considered a mysoginist for hitting on a woman you are attracted to.

Two, the women there attracted to live by high standards to the point where he has to be submissive to her, give up his personal freedoms to keep her happy because he instinctively will do anything she wants because women put a love spell on men metaphorically speaking, and when he marrys her or has kids with her, she's got him chained down and can control him through threatening to take his children away from him and make him pay alimony and child support and the courts are always in favor of the woman even if she was irresponsible.

Getting married and having kids has become like quicksand a death trap if you will put it, when you think it through the risks with being with women are far too great and your screwed as the man, so it is better to remain single. There is. You'll notice outright hostility, various colorful insults and rage when women learn you keep every dollar you earn instead of wasting it on women and their frivolous whims. A steep marriage decline currently at a year low and the awakening of more men unwilling to sign fraudulent marriage contracts is the reason women are more promiscuous than ever.

These days, you take her straight to bed for some Tinder loving care. MGTOW growing haha this must be a joke right? Your cognitive biases most be in overdrive just now. Internet does not equal real life. MGTOW are loser that why they are always talking about it trying to get women to care it's pathetic.

Reverse psychology only works if the other party wants something you have, but women do not care if MGTOW disappeared of the face of the earth tomorrow they would not notice. Just like men would not notice if ugly and fat women disappeared of the face of the earth tomorrow. MGTOW are not all misogynist I have no doubt plenty of them are but thats certainly not a requirement. I will agree that they generally dont like women hence the reason why they choose not to be with them but hate is something else entirely.

Are they growing?And this needs to be seen in the correct context. To "man up" is to force oneself into the traditional expectations of male responsibility to the society and their women.

Of course, feminism lobbied on behalf of women so that today, they have the CHOICE to drop their traditional gender responsibilities to society and the men. This did NOT occur for men of course. Thus MGTOW is more of a "scorched earth policy" with regards to fulfilling their obligations because as they see it Placing expectations on women has become offensive.

The same is not true for men. It's worse for the younger generations of course where the "wealth" is less to be had. For the time being, it still appears an acceptable option to just shame these guys and hope they will go away. My thinking is that this will inevitably become a formidable movement with actual lobby power in about two generations.

They have to mature Societies will celebrate only the freeing of women from their traditional roles, and will condemn men for trying to free themselves. MGTOW is about male liberation. For the first time in history, because of feminism's destruction of gender roles, men are free to do what they want.

Men are no longer required to be providers. It's all about pros and cons There is nothing advantageous in a marriage anymore. Feminism is and has been toxic to society.

First men, now boys are ‘Going Their Own Way’

I'm sure that they've never heard that before and will immediately go out and beg women to marry them. Probably because more and more men are wising up to how the deck is stacked against them when it comes to relationships, at least in the Western world. Unlike the MRAs, who are trying to address a system that is openly discriminatory against men while feminists try to expand systemic misandry even further, the MGTOWs are just saying "feminists, fix your game however you want, but just don't expect me to play it.

The irony in your statement is that it's 'high status' women who are doing the whining. They're the ones upset that, with all their accomplishments, they can't find men who they consider "worthy of them. Well obviously you've thought enough about them to develop a snide theory for why they're going their own way. MGTOWs however probably would agree with you You could make the same statement about things like "gender fluid," "transblack," "otherkin" and so on, could you not?Forums New posts Search forums.

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why mgtow is growing

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Why Is Mgtow Growing? Thread starter Hero Start date Jun 19, Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 19 of 19 Go to page. Feminism Rookie. Joined Oct 8, Messages MGTOW is the greatest gift of all. HealingHugs Established. Joined Jan 18, Messages Robin said:. But I always said it was because I acknowledge where ideology becomes problematic. That's the case here. What makes you think the elites haven't also created MGTOW to further perpetuate the war of the sexes?

I have a family friend who is a very sweet guy who is also part of the movement. He is not an extremist, just a guy who thought that aligning himself with what they supposedly stood for would help him recover and not get hurt again.

He is miserable and lonely.


I'm not saying any individual who identifies hinself as MGTOW is automatically a woman-hater, just like how not everyone who calls themselves a feminist is automatically a man-hater.

But if I am going to identify modern feminism as an evil because of the loud and radical voices within then I have to be fair and apply the same judgements to them. These are not just hurt men trying to better themselves.The result might be a crisis of unimaginable size and more difficult to fix than putting Humpty Dumpty together again.

Think of it as social entropy, an arrow that runs in only one direction.

Why Is Mgtow Growing?

Vogue and the fleet of other such magazines and websites tell stories about the glory of being hot, young, affluent single women. Hope to see you again sometime! You stop caring about the little, insignificant things. These stories often have sad endings but not the sort that the next generation of women are likely to learn from.

The careers and parties are fun, and women gain experience year by year. But they learn too late that time was not their friend. For one, the stakes are higher. Not ideal. But I keep turning corners, and I keep meeting finance guys with high cholesterol who just discovered Williamsburg.

I feel misled. What happens to these women if they either do not find Mr. Right, or cannot convince him to marry her? See her Instagram page for photos of her and her cats. Cats are the beneficiaries of the post-marriage America. An easy way to see how women are going their own way: See how they dress. Now we see women truly dressing to please themselves. Visit college campuses or shopping malls and see the young women. Their clothes most often are comfortable, loose, and drab.

Their styles are low maintenance. They are frequently overweight or obese. They are going their own way, as is their right. When getting married becomes a higher priority for women, changes in their daily appearance not just dressing up for dates or clubbing will be the most obvious signal.

Successfully for most women. Cheap booze. Cheap drugs prices will fall with legalization.

why mgtow is growing

Video games. Masturbation, hook-ups, and eventually — sexbots. They add up to men learning to lead easy lives without marriage. The next decade might see a collapse in the number of marriages if more men see it as unnecessary or even a bad deal for them. So the push-back begins. As in this video, one of the dumbest I have ever seen. This instructional video gives two reasons for men to get married.

First, to get respect. The roles of husband and father have not been held in widespread respect in America for generations. TV shows, films, and commercials portray them as buffoons and butt-monkeys, instructed in knowledge and morality by their wives and children. Second, for all the benefits. But all the benefits are to women, children and society.What is the manosphere? It is a mainly pseudonymous community of men that caution other men from getting involved in romantic relationships with women and to avoid marriage like the plague!

The theory of Men Going Their Own Way is for dudes to forgo relationships because of a perceived imbalance of power between the two sexes. In theory, these fellows have altered their lifestyles and views on life so that they can live happily without the need for a girlfriend or wife. While this all sounds absolutely fantastic, the MGTOW movement has had a tendency to attract men that are extremely bitter and cynical about the female of the species and this has given the movement a bit of a bad reputation.

MGTOW appears to be the latest in a series of social reactions from men to changes in society over the last few decades. Many women argue that they do not have equality in the workplace and while this may be true, the one place that they have definitely achieved equality is in the social arena.

Followers of MGTOW believe that female perspective on how we should live our lives are fast becoming the only way of thinking. This is a stark contrast to the male perspective of years gone by. Just go back 20 or 30 years and you may remember women encouraging men to develop their feminine side, to get in touch with their feelings, and to move towards a female perspective.

While this all sounds hunky-dory, the problem occurred when the balance of male and female ways of thinking swung past the mid-point, to the extent that women and even lots of men started to believe that the female perspective is the correct and only way to think. This turnaround has caused some worrying consequences. A prime example is a huge rise in women making false criminal accusations against men, especially during a divorce.

In fact, many of the laws that were introduced to protect women from men are now being abused by women to get revenge during using the current legal system. Look online and you might be fooled into thinking MGTOW is a recent social phenomenon, but the original pioneers of the movement are really figures such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Galileo, or even Jesus!!!

It is not entirely clear exactly when the online MGTOW movement got started but it is suggested that it was in the early to mids, but it goes without saying that men have been going their own way for centuries! Throughout history, survival and fathering offspring have been the success model for the entire animal kingdom because that is all they are programmed to desire.

But the same cannot be said for men. Not at all, they have been leading major accomplishments in science, discovery and human endeavor and coming up with inventions that have shaped the world we live in.

This means that they are looking for the most powerful partner they can acquire through marriage. In most societies, this has come to mean the richest man, in contrast to years gone by when the most physically powerful men were the most desirable.

The Movement That Has Men Dropping Out of Society in a 'Sexodus'

As for the order of these beliefs, who knows as the MGTOW movement does not really possess much in the way of a formal theory or ideology.The ones that DO reach marriages break up half the time horrible divorce or end in misery. Men should not be expected to "keep" you No instead you can hit us, suck our money, abuse us, keep us hanging like dogs, use us to acquire status in life, use us to carry your shopping or whatever That's a lie afaik.

The average marriage lasts years iirc. Um no lol by keep I mean don't rush into a relationship with someone you barely know just because they're good looking and Dont waste your time on people who cause you problems. Be with someone you actually have a connection with. Don't be with someone who argues over little things, don't be with someone who has nothing in common with you, don't be with someone who will break up with you every other week over little arguments, don't be with someone you don't trust to stick with you the way you want to stick with them.

I've had a few boyfriends but I always broke it off when we couldn't get past the awkward phase, when I couldn't make their quirks seem adorable instead of annoying.

I would talk to guys but never let it get further. Then I met my boyfriend who had the same idea as me, don't bother with people you don't like.

We liked eachother and have a best friend relationship, where we can tell eachother about our shits and do gross things to each other. He's the one who said he loved me. First, he's the one who said he wanted to get married, he's the one who goes on and on about marriage and kids and baby names and how we can plan our life and finances. I couldn't picture being with anyone else for the rest of my life And marriages last longer when the couple have only had sex with eachother and who have been together for more than 4 years.

Men have always known you The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! As the california rape law, manspreading law, emotional abuse law and other new laws aimed at imprisoning men for the sake of women keep coming out every few months MGTOW seems to rapidly be becoming a phenomenon.

These are the places where men are discriminated against thoroughly based on their sex MGTOW has been growing rapidly since But why? Is it because men are waking up to the lies they've been fed by feminist society and their severe social oppression? Or something else? Vote A. Most men are bitter losers who can't get laid.

Vote B. Other please specify. Vote C. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age.

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