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As the most colorful annual event, the traditional CNY celebration lasts longer, up to two weeks, and the climax arrives around the Lunar New Year's Eve. China during this period is dominated by iconic red lanterns, loud fireworks, massive banquets and parades, and the festival even triggers exuberant celebrations across the globe.

Answers App. Like Christmas in Western countries, Chinese New Year is a time to be home with family, chatting, drinking, cooking, and enjoying a hearty meal together. How long is the festival? Most people in China have at least seven days off work, including three days' legal holiday, and the preceding and following weekends. The festival date is in January or February, around the Chinese solar term the 'Beginning of Spring', so it is also named the 'Spring Festival'.

How do Chinese people celebrate the festival? When all streets and lanes are decorated with vibrant red lanterns and colorful lights, the Lunar New Year is approaching. What do Chinese people do then? After half a month's busy time with a house spring-clean and holiday shopping, the festivities kick off on the New Year's Eve, and last 15 days, until the full moon arrives with the Lantern Festival. Scroll down and let's look through the core traditions and practices of the Chinese New Year.

House Cleaning and Decorating — half month before. No matter whether in a city apartment or a countryside villa, there must be a diligent housewife exerting all her energies to carry out a thorough clean of the house before Chinese New Year.

Sweeping, mopping, wiping, washing… Sometimes the whole family needs to give a hand with the chores, to make sure the house is rid of the old year's dust and is prepared for taking in the fortune of the New Year.

All Chinese people manage to make their way home at the latest by New Year's Eve, for a reunion dinner with the whole family. The essential course on all Chinese menus for a reunion dinner will be a steamed or braised whole fish, representing a surplus every year. Various kinds of meat, vegetable, and seafood are made into dishes with auspicious meanings.

Dumplings are indispensable for northerners, while rice cakes for southerners. The night is spent enjoying this feast along with cheerful family talk and laughter. Read more Chinese New Year Foods. From newborn babies to teenagers, luck money will be given by seniors, wrapped in red packets in the hope of dispelling evil spirits from the kids.

CNY to notes are commonly sealed in a red envelope, while there are big ones with up to CNY 5, especially in the rich southeast regions. Besides a small disposable amount, most of the money is used to buy the kids toys, snacks, clothes, stationery, or saved for their future educational expenditure. Read more about Red Envelope. Send Greetings and Red Envelopes through Wechat. With the popularity of instant messaging apps, greeting cards are seldom seen. From the morning to the midnight of the New Year's Eve, people use the app Wechat to send various text messages, voice messages, and emojis, some of which featuring the New Year's animal sign, to exchange greetings and good wishes.

Digital red envelopes are becoming considerably popular and a big red envelope in a group chat always starts a happy grabbing game. The 4. Although the audience becomes more and more critical of the programs, that never stops people turning on the TV on time. The delightful songs and words act as a habitual background to a reunion dinner, for after all it's been a tradition ever since Setting off Firecrackers at There is New Year bell on the TV gala atbut you can hardly hear it since there would be loud bangs of firecrackersfrom to and even later.All tickets will be honored if customers want to hold on to them for rescheduled dates and refunds can also be made at the place of purchase.

Springfest celebrates spring and the upcoming summer season. It is four dynamic days of delicious food, live entertainment and unique arts and crafts under four huge big top tents. Springfest serves up a continuous variety of musical performances on two stages. Admission to the four-day event is free.

spring fest

Bring your appetite so you can enjoy delicious food from famous Eastern Shore delicacies to a wide assortment of ethnic food. Over 30 food vendors will serve a variety of delicious food, as the Springfest artisans will delight your eyes with their arts and crafts creations during the Springfest celebration. The Springfest Express offers direct service for festival attendees traveling from the Roland E.

Powell Convention Center to the Inlet Lot. Parking is free at the Convention Center south lot. Shuttles depart the lot every 30 minutes from 9 a. The tram runs from 10 a.

Park your car for free and hop on the non-stop shuttle to Springfest. If you require special assistance with handicapped transportation, please call Youth and adult sizes through 4XL are available.

Skip to content.Ride Tickets are separate from admission tickets and can be bought on site the days of the event. Hosted by The Doc and No entry fee. Trophies, prizes and give-aways. All classic and specialty cars welcome.

All drivers and their passengers get free tickets to the festival. Roving Entertainers such as a mime, stilt walker and fire juggler combine with Karate Demos and mainstage children's acts like Larry and David the Magicians and Simply Enchanted Princesses, will provide three days of non stop fun.

Springfest 2021

Over 50 crafters and commercial vendors will sell their wares. Home Depot will hold a workshop for children Saturday. Kids can get henna tattoos, princess dresses, make sand art, toy helicopters, hair wraps, and face painting while adults can enjoy crafts, candles, honey, shopping for handbags, t-shirts, jewelry, bamboo clothes, and housewares. Mouth Watering Food vendors will be on hand to serve local festival favorites from clam cakes and chowder to sausage and peppers, steak sandwiches, gyros, fried dough, gelato, burgers and fries, tacos, candy apples, cotton candy, kettle corn, Del's Lemonade and seafood dishes.

At stop sign, turn left Proceed to 1A or straight through onto Winnapaug till you get to the beach. On-site parking is FREE!! Festival is held rain or shine. No refunds. For the kiddie rides there is a 36" minimum. There are height requirements for each individual ride.

Non Stop Entertainment Roving Entertainers such as a mime, stilt walker and fire juggler combine with Karate Demos and mainstage children's acts like Larry and David the Magicians and Simply Enchanted Princesses, will provide three days of non stop fun. Food Truck Rodeo Feet of Fantastic Food Mouth Watering Food vendors will be on hand to serve local festival favorites from clam cakes and chowder to sausage and peppers, steak sandwiches, gyros, fried dough, gelato, burgers and fries, tacos, candy apples, cotton candy, kettle corn, Del's Lemonade and seafood dishes.Contact Us Book Now.

How should we reach out? Email Me Call Me. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Phone Number. What time works best? How did you hear about us? Your Message. Join the Boozeletter. Springfest in Munich is basically Oktoberfest in April and May.

Stoke Travel is the only Springfest accommodation provider and tour operator in Munich, with s of beer lovers staying and partying with us for every night of the festival. Book Now. Already booked? View your trip details. Available on your Stoke Travel Passport. Springfest attracts s of thousands of beer-loving partiers — most of them from Munich and Germany, meaning that the crowd is more authentic and with less tourists than Oktoberfest.

This means the waiting time for beers is drastically shorter, plus the locals will be very happy to party with you. Also, as the party is in Spring we can expect warmer weather, which is why Springfest is more focused on outside, beer-garden style drinking. Das ist gut! Find out more about the Stoke Travel Springfest and Oktoberfest experience.

In addition to being where you sleep, eat and get ready for the beer halls, Stoketoberfest is a wild party, a stage show featuring DJs, an open bar, a place to buy your traditional dirndls and lederhosen, where drinking games are happening during every waking hour and the dancefloor never seems to stop, filled with like-minded travellers from all over the world.

Our packages are all inclusive, so your tent, sleeping bags and air mattresses are pre-prepared for your arrival, our chefs will cook you a hearty breakfast every morning as a part of our bottomless brunch including unlimited mimosas so your stomach is lined and a healthy, filling dinner every night. The Stoke Travel crew and guides will show you the party, both at our campsite and in the beer halls, and make sure you enjoy it. Your accommodation at Springfest is ready for your arrival.

At Springfest you can choose from twin-share or solo tents, with mattresses and sleeping bags included, your own private teepee that will sleep groups of up to eight, or the Stoke Travel Glamping setup, with an added layer of luxury and comfort for the fancier campers, while still being conveniently located in the Stoke Travel party campsite.

Holders may book Springfest with nights from their Stoke Travel Passport.Cultures have celebrated the transition from winter to spring since early civilization. From water fights to massive bonfires, discover what people around the world do to celebrate the vernal equinox. During the final week of the festival, music fills the streets, participants don traditional outfits, and revelers party in the streets until sunrise.

These fallas usually satirize politics and social customs. On the final night, the fallas are burnt to the ground amidst fireworks. Also known as the Cherry Blossom Festival, Hanami is a Japanese tradition to welcome spring and appreciate the beauty of sakura the Japanese term for cherry blossoms.

Sakuras are considered the flower of spring, symbolizing a time of renewal. Depending on the region of Japan you are, events can begin at the beginning of April or in mid-May in areas like Hakkaido, where sakuras bloom much later. In celebration, people gather under the blooming cherry blossoms with food, drinks, and music to bond and meet new friends. At night, the trees are illuminated to continue the festivities in a romantic custom called Yozakura.

During the festival, people bring food to local monks and bathe Buddha statues in water, while younger Thais pour scented water over the hands of their elders for luck and prosperity. Over the years, this tradition has evolved to include a massive water fight with water balloons and super soakers.

This holiday is so sacred that even local markets and businesses are expected to close up shop in preservation. During the first full moon of March, people light bonfires to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and then spread the sacred ashes on their foreheads to protect themselves against evil.

The following morning, Holi begins. The entire neighborhood comes together and throws colored water and powder on each other in celebration. Customs include cleaning, buying new clothes, paying visits to family and friends, and feasting on a symbolic spring meal called Haft seen.

On the 13 th day, families celebrate with an outdoor picnic to symbolically re-appropriate the bad luck associated with the number While there are different versions of the tale, nowadays most Bulgarians wear a small martenitsa adornment, made of white and red yarn, to symbolize their wish for good health and the coming of spring.

Bulgarians wear the martenitsa until around the end of the month, when the first signs of spring arrive. Many people then tie their martenitsas to fruit trees for good luck.

To learn more about other celebrations held around the world, take a peek at 10 Little Known Holidays Around the World. Hanami Also known as the Cherry Blossom Festival, Hanami is a Japanese tradition to welcome spring and appreciate the beauty of sakura the Japanese term for cherry blossoms. Tags: spring celebrations spring festivals around the world vernal equinox celebrations.

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How Japanese People Think. Japanese Food. Japanese Manners. Things To Do. Shopping in Japan. Spring is a magical time in Tokyo. The sakura bloom in late march and everyone wants to be outside enjoying the good weather.

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Typhoon Season.The first edition of Spring Fest was held inwhich makes it one of the oldest college fests in India. It was conceived as a platform for the students of IIT Kharagpur to showcase their extra academic skills.

Over the years, it began to attract participants from the neighboring colleges of West Bengal. In the last decade or so, the fest grew in scale, attracting participants from all over India and as well as abroad. The edition of the fest received a footfall of over 80, people. During the fest, students from IIT Kharagpur and from different colleges all over the country participate in a multitude of social and cultural activities.

Tremendous participation and aggressive competition are seen in all the events, especially the flagship events of SF, namely Nukkad, Shuffle, Wildfire, Rangmanch, Centrifuge, and Lake Side Dreams. The preliminary rounds of Nukkad, Shuffle and Wildfire happen nationwide.

Spring Festival

Every city that Spring Fest visits to conduct prelims, the whole atmosphere turns festive and the creative lot throng to the venue to see the show of talent. The number of these events is particularly large and serves to cater to the very large number of participants — both local as well as from other colleges all over the country. The hub for major activities during the fest is called the Arena, which has the Informals and Perpz stage.

The informals stage hosts various fun filled casual activities, for which the participants can win numerous prizes.

spring fest

The Perpz stage is an all day dance floor with a DJ, that attracts huge crowds. Apart from this the arena also has numerous food and corporate stalls. The evenings are notable for the "Pro-Nights", more commonly known as Star-Nites — the biggest events in Spring Fest which usually involve live concerts by some of the most famous musicians and bands of national and international acclaim.

All the Star Nites are free to attend for any student of the institute and all registered participants. The genres of music are wide and varied and involve pop, rock and fusion bands. Justifying its slogan, Spring Fest has always been "The True Spirit of Youth" and encompasses aspirations and enthusiasm of college students across the nation.

More than 13 0 events from varied genres provide a platform for students where they can prove their mettle and caliber. With a myriad of fun and intellectually stimulating events, huge star nights every year and a versatile crowd profile, Spring Fest has gradually consolidated its position as the premier inter-collegiate fest. The fierce competitions, uninterrupted entertainment, breath-taking pro-shows, and something to suit everybody is what give SF its magnificence.

Wildfire attracts registrations from multitudes of bands, and prizes in the edition were worth more than 5 lakh INR.