Snowblower won t move in first gear

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart, see your John Deere dealer for service. When you have checked all the possible causes listed and you are still experiencing the problem, see your John Deere dealer.

Dirty fuel tank cap vents. Disconnected or dirty spark plug. Plugged fuel filter, if equipped. Stale fuel. Fuel shut-off valve closed. Starter faulty. Faulty spark plug. Stale or dirty fuel. Engine Misses Or Surges Loose electrical connections. Choke knob not in the OFF position. Dirty shroud and fins.

Engine not warm. Engine Overheats Dirty shroud and fins. Low engine oil. Operate snowblower at a slower travel speed. Engine Loses Power Low engine oil. Engine Knocks Wrong fuel. Damage to snowblower. Faulty drive chain. Faulty friction wheel. Friction wheel needs adjustment. Cable needs adjustment. Chute is plugged. Auger drive belt needs adjustment. Travel speed too fast. Object lodged in auger. Broken shear bolt. Engine not running at fast speed.

Troubleshooting Using Troubleshooting Chart If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart, see your John Deere dealer for service. Faulty wiring. Snowblower Vibrates Too Much. Faulty traction drive belt. Lever linkage not lubricated. Snowblower Will Not Blow Snow.I've got a Murray Snow Blower - 2 years old.

I believe it's an 8 or 10 HP. It doesn't move forward in low gear. I have to push it and then the wheels move a little bit. The higher gears seem to work fine. The snowblower part of this works fine as well.

I have a Noma 5. The shears are not turning and picking up the snow. I've checked the shear pins, but they seem to be in good condition. What else should I check? I have an MTD 8hp 26" snow blower that was purchased about ten years ago.

Ranch King by MTD runs but won't move... Help!?

During the last snow, I lodged a small rock in the blades and of course it sheared the pin, which I replaced but after that, it would not move. I took the plastic cover off on top and seen there was a small belt just Show me the snow blowers you sell.

I got a new snow blower last year and used it once, worked great, this year it won't start. Primer is just pushing air, gas line is not bloked. I put I little gas in the spark plug cylinder and it fired up for a second. Gas is not going through the carb, is something stuck, what should I do. I did Remember Me? Find questions to answer Find today's questions Find unanswered questions.

Search Topics. Login Not a member? Join our community. Mar 3,AM. I believe it's an 8 HP. It doesn't move forward or revers. Does any one know how to fix this. Nov 13,PM. Originally Posted by donmac. Feb 15,PM. Originally Posted by sonofjabba. Did the belt pop off? Or the Friction wheel coming apart?It has a 12hp Tecumseh OHV engine, 38" mower deck, and 7-speed transmission.

I just got it running and it runs well, but when I tried to put it in gear it didn't go anywhere.

snowblower won t move in first gear

It felt and sounded like the belt was moving but nothing was happening. I tried all the speeds and forward and reverse and nothing at all. What are some of the problems it could be? Am I looking at needed a new transaxle or rebuild? Could it be something simple like a pulley or bearing? The pin in the back to release the trans only applies to a hydrostatic drive, which this is not.

This is a gear driven trans. And the brakes are not dragging, even with the tractor in park and the brake fully depressed, it will move with little effort and the tires rotate. Make sure the spring that releases the brake is strong enough to pull the pedal back up. Also there is a spring on an idler pulley that the drive belt rides on. Make sure that spring is pulling the pulley tight when you release the brake. Its possible the transaxle is low on fluid also so I would try to check that.

I tried all The first thing to check is the belt. You have to make sure that it is turning the rear pully. You want to make sure the belt is being slacked and tightened when you let out the clutch pedal. One thing that comes to mind is the keys in the rear axles. When you take the wheels off you can easily lose the keys that go between the wheel and the axle. Without the key the axle will spin in the wheel.

Update: The pin in the back to release the trans only applies to a hydrostatic drive, which this is not. Answer Save. You can find an online manual for your mower at the following link. This Site Might Help You. How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. It's really interesting.A snowblower won't clear snow well if the auger isn't spinning fast enough or sections of the auger don't spin. Then the auger housing and chute can clog with snow. If the snowblower isn't picking up snow well, first turn off the snowblower and clear the chute and auger housing of any clogs or snow build-up.

snowblower won t move in first gear

If the chute is clear of snow or when sections of the auger won't spin, the likely cause is broken shear pins. Replace any broken shear pins you find. Replace the auger if it's damaged.

Adjust or replace the skid shoes to keep the housing at the proper height and allow the snowblower to move easily. You may need to tune up the snowblower engine when it won't spin the auger fast enough. Adjust the belts and auger drive cable if the engine runs well but the auger doesn't spin fast enough to clear snow.

Replace the belts or auger drive cable if damaged. Replace the snowblower gear case assembly if it won't spin the auger. A worn or loose belt can slip or squeal when the snowblower is in use. Physically examine the belt and pulleys. If the belt is worn, replace it. If the belt is sound, adjust the pulleys to tighten the belt. A squealing or slipping snowblower auger belt is a sign that the belt is wearing out. This DIY snowblower repair guide and video show how to replace the auger belt.

Shear pins fasten the augers to their drive shaft. They're designed to break if the auger hits a large foreign object or hard-packed snow, to protect the motor and transmission from damage. The auger won't turn if the shear pin isn't intact, so replace it if it breaks. If your snowblower hit something hard and the auger stopped turning, the shear pin might have broken.

This snowblower repair guide explains how to replace the shear pin in 15 minutes. The skid shoes control the height of the auger housing. They wear down over time. Adjust the skid shoes as needed to maintain the proper height of the auger housing.

Snow King Snowblower Won't Move

Skid shoes are reversible; turn them over if one side is worn out. Replace them when both sides are worn out. A snowblower shave plate and auger scraping the ground is a strong indication of a worn skid shoe. This DIY repair guide shows how to replace both skid shoes in 4 easy steps. A tune-up restores the snowblower to its peak operating condition. A tune-up includes changing the oil, cleaning the engine, replacing the air filter, checking the ignition system, inspecting the carburetor, testing the battery, adjusting the throttle and choke controls, and adjusting and lubricating all moving parts.

If your snowblower won't start, the spark plug could be fouled or damaged. This DIY repair guide shows how to set the gap and replace the snowblower spark plug in 3 quick steps.

The auger drive cable is a control cable that connects the auger control lever on the control panel to the engagement lever in the auger drive system. When the auger won't engage, the cause is often a damaged, worn, or broken auger drive cable.

Inspect the cable and replace it if it's worn or damaged. If your snowblower auger isn't turning, it's possible the auger drive cable is damaged or broken. This snowblower repair guide and video explain how to replace the auger drive cable in 15 minutes or less. Snow and ice can build up inside the chute and housing, restricting the exit path of the snow being cleared.

Shut off the snowblower and clear built-up ice and snow.Smooth disk on the left side drives the rubber rimmed disk on the left. The smooth disk and the one with the rubber outside are what need to come to together to make the thing move.

They need to come together and the smooth plate needs to be turning. What turns the plate is the motor which engages pullys by belts. If your belt is broken it can't turn the first disk. If it is loose or broken it won't turn the flat plate so no motion.

Chances are good it might be a broken or loose drive belt. Or The rubber mounted disk is not coming up to the drive plate. Examine the belts by taking off the black cover bolts. Exploded views are available. Im a first time owner of a snowblower I actually don't own it, a buddy from work is letting me borrow it. Thank you in advanced This message was modified Dec 30, by xlzleddielzlx.

Thank you again in advanced. This message was modified Dec 30, by niper Select Homeowner. Enter your model number, notthe 38xxx number of a plate on the blower. They have there the Operator's, Parts and Drive manuals for the The Drive manual is detailed on how to change and adjust the bets.

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All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. But as winter drags on, you'll want to keep an eye on a handful of parts to stay ahead of potentially expensive and time-consuming repairs. CR's snow-blower experts put together a list of problems that can, when neglected, lead to poor performance or worse—a trip to the repair shop when it's at its busiest. Here, five of the most common problems you may experience with your snow blower this winter, and CR's expert advice on how to fix them.

Solution: Stabilize your fuel while at the gas pump. As you may remember from the owner's manual, you need to add a fuel stabilizer to prevent corrosion, and the most efficient way to do that is to treat the entire container of fuel right at the pump.

You can find fuel stabilizer at an auto supply center or in the outdoor power equipment aisle of a home center. That's because if you store untreated gas for too long, it will separate and form a layer of water that can damage you machine's engine.

Doing this also means you won't have to add stabilizer each time you top off your snow blower's tank. Solution: Lubricate moving parts. The auger transmission turns the blades that feed snow up the chute. It's the metal box that sits at the T-intersection of the auger shaft and the drive shaft; you can't miss it in the middle of the auger. Most transmission housings have a bolt you need to remove to gauge the grease or oil level.

You also need to make sure the auger blades rotate freely around the shaft.

Gas Snowblower: Won't self propel

Refer again to your manual for specific instructions on how to remove the shear pins. Now the auger should spin freely and have a little play side to side on the shaft; move it to one side and lubricate the exposed shaft, then repeat to lube the other end. Give it a spin to distribute the lubricant, then pop the shear pins back in place.

Problem: The snow blower is difficult to maneuver or lurches forward. Solution: Tighten cables for better handling. Over time, the cables that send power to the wheels need to be adjusted to apply proper tension to the belt on two-stage snow blowers. Adjust again as necessary until the lurching stops. After adjusting the cables, be sure to spray some lubricant at the pivot points of any moving parts. Problem: The machine leaves too much snow behind.

Solution: Replace the scraper bar to gather more snow. A flat metal bar on the underside of the machine chisels snow and ice off the ground and into the auger. Running over concrete, asphalt, and gravel can wear the metal down, leaving furrows of snow behind. Prop the snow blower up and remove the bolts that hold the bar to the housing, and replace it with a new one.

Check with the store where you bought the machine, or search by brand at snowblowersdirect. Problem: The belt broke during use.

Solution: Check the belt between uses.

snowblower won t move in first gear

The friction required to engage the auger belt on a single-stage snow blower tends to wear a belt down faster than on two-stage machines.It will not move forward or back. What do I do? I have a murray snowblower with electric starter. The starter is moving but not engaging with the blower. What can I do? I have a new 10Hp murray snowblower that I purchased last year from homedepot. What type of oil do I use.

How to Troubleshoot a Murray Mower That Won't Move

I know that it is NOT mixed with gas. Remember Me? Find questions to answer Find today's questions Find unanswered questions. Search Topics. Login Not a member? Join our community. Dec 9,PM. I'm guessing this machine is somewhere around 15 years old. I have 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse. I have a driveway with an incline not massive, but definitily not flat.

When I drive the snowblower around in the garage levelall the gears work fine. When I drive it up the driveway, most of the high gears won't drive. If I'm blowing snow, I have to have it in 1st gear, and push!

It's almost as though the belt is slipping. I pulled the cover off to look at the belts, and the drive belt looks fairly new. Someone told me about "friction plates" that could be bad. The problem is, I can't find any documentation on this machine to know what to look for.

Most part dealers can't even find my machine by the model number. Should I replace the drive belt? Is there any kind of drive belt adjustment?