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Housing Court to Blacklist. How do I find out if my landlord has added my name to the tenant blacklist? And if he has, how can I get it removed? Among the many injustices that New York City tenants endure is the tenant blacklist — or, technically, blacklists, as they are compiled by different tenant-screening database companies.

Any tenant named in a housing court holdover or nonpayment case can end up on one or more of these lists. The companies buy and compile housing court data from the state Office of Court Administration. Landlords, in turn, use the information to screen prospective tenants, often rejecting those who have been to housing court.

But the information is frequently incomplete, misleading or wrong, according to housing advocates and tenant lawyers. For example, a tenant who withheld rent because of atrocious living conditions like rats or mold could end up blacklisted, even if he prevailed in court.

Kallos, a New York City councilman who sponsored legislation that would bar landlords from discriminating against tenants on the lists, except in cases where the tenant has not satisfied the terms of an order issued by the courts. Because the blacklist is information compiled by a variety of independent screening bureaus, there is no central place where you can plug in your name to see if it appears. There are about such companies nationwide that resell the information to one another, according to the New York State Bar Association.

This also makes it difficult to correct problems or errors once they appear. Unsuspecting tenants often learn that their names have been sullied when they try to rent apartments. If you have been to housing court and suspect that your name might be on a list, request a report from a company like CoreLogicTransUnion or On-Site.

If your name is listed in error, write to the company, explain the mistake and ask that your name be removed, said David Hershey-Webb, a Manhattan tenant lawyer. Hershey-Webb said. In that case, consider hiring a consumer lawyer to help you navigate the waters, or ask your current landlord for a reference letter; with luck, a future landlord might accept it as an alternative. When I bought my apartment inthe co-op board knew I was a pianist.

At my interview, the board agreed that I could practice until 10 p. For four years, my piano playing was never a problem. But innew shareholders moved in and complained about the noise. In response, the board instituted a policy that requires me to stop practicing at 9 p.

It also restricts shareholders from conducting business in their apartments after 5 p. These changes are damaging my career as a musician and teacher. Is the board allowed to renege on a previous agreement and enforce a rule that did not exist when I bought my apartment?

Most building rules allow boards to adopt or amend house rules from time to time.As a result of New York state's new rent laws, landlords can no longer refuse to rent to you if they find out you have a complicated tenant-landlord history. Emily Myers for Brick Underground. If you withheld rent from a landlord because of problems with your apartment, like mold or no gas—your name is likely on a database of people involved in a NYC housing court case.

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In the past, going to housing court, regardless of the reason or the outcome, could create problems down the road for tenants looking to rent in New York City again. However, as a result of the New York state new rent laws, landlords can no longer refuse to rent to you if they find out you have a complicated tenant-landlord history. However, banning the use of this data is problematic.

Landlords, quite rightly, want to vet their tenants, but it is fair to say they may decide the penalty of weeding out troublemakers in this way is still worth the risk if they get caught.

Steve Micheal White, the owner of Rent Prepa national screening company that provides data for landlords, says in order to comply with the law, the larger NYC landlords who he provides data to have adjusted their screening processes and no longer include housing court information.

If you think your name will come up in a NYC housing court search, either erroneously or not, there are still good reasons try and get your name removed. There are still ways to get your name removed from the system or secure an apartment in NYC regardless.

If your apartment has issues like pests or a lack of services, there are also paths you can take to remedy the situation that avoid housing court.

Consider this scenario: A landlord has taken a tenant to housing court to formalize an agreement about moving out of an apartment. This letter can be attached to future rental applications. Additionally, if you know a lawsuit is coming down the pipe and have an attorney lined up you may be able to reach out to the landlord's attorney and request they name you only as John or Jane Doe instead of your true name so the housing court information remains anonymous.

Himmelstein says most landlords will agree to this. Instead of taking your case to NYC housing court, another route to take is a tenant-initiated Housing Part action. This involves the tenant suing the landlord for failing to comply with the law, particularly when it comes to building repairs, as well as the city for failing to enforce the law.

HPs are fairly straightforward: the tenant fills out a form to request an apartment inspection for violations. The city sends out an inspector and, if there are violations, a landlord can face steep fines.

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Recent Stories.At one potential rental, she was told a more financially qualified applicant had emerged shortly after her lease signing seemed imminent, she said.

nyc blacklist

At the next apartment, signing a formal agreement was a day away when the year-old psychoanalyst said a background check showed she was in housing court a few years ago. That arrangement fell through, too.

Other potential offers simply disappeared. The measure, which was signed into law by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, prohibits landlords from refusing to rent or offer leases to such tenants because of their current or past involvement in housing court matters.

But tenant advocates and attorneys worry that the new prohibition may not be well enforced because only the attorney general can bring cases against landlords that do not follow the rule.

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The Democratic majorities in the State Senate and Assembly did not respond to requests for comment. Issues with the list go beyond their existence and extend to their accuracy and exhaustiveness.

Burbank said leaks in her Upper West Side apartment left her with mold and asthma. To incentivize repairs, Burbank began paying rent into an escrow account and filed a lawsuit in seeking to compel the landlord to address mold, mice, a lack of cooking gas and insufficient heat and hot water, court records show.

A document formally declaring the case concluded was delayed and ultimately filed last month, Fishman said. It included a clause noting the landlord had consented to the expungement of any record of the case with tenant screening bureaus or credit rating agencies. He said his team has not directly heard from any of the firms. Fishman and other advocates have spent years highlighting hurdles faced by those in tenant screening report databases. Part of the enforcement issue for the new law is that the new prohibition is written in a way that would require residents to show screening reports were the sole reason — rather than one of multiple factors — in a lease denial, Fishman said.

The measure would also not allow private attorneys to sue over the lists, lawyers said. The Real Estate Board of New York, a lobbying group for developers and landlords, did not respond to requests for comment.

Many do not immediately dismiss prospective renters with a legal history, Frisch said. Can you explain it? Vega-Rivera, 65, said she collaborated with about a dozen neighbors to engage in a rent strike at Grand Concourse inand sue the prior owner over neglected repairs. Jonathan Bombart, a member of the firm that owned the building at the time, could not be reached for comment. Vega-Rivera said it was difficult to convince some to get involved, in part, because of anxiety about being blacklisted.

She could not fully counter their concerns, especially as someone who once received a notice in the mail indicating a landlord had reviewed tenant screening reports about her history in housing court. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Facebook Twitter Email. Real Estate. Sarina Trangle. Only the attorney general can bring cases against landlords that do not follow the rule.That these datasets will not be kept?

No matter how it is being used, what is being built is the architecture of oppression. The largest study to date of US hospital admissions for COVID reveals that obesity and age are the largest factors in whether a person had to be admitted to a hospital.

What is the tenant blacklist and how serious is being on it?

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nyc blacklist

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Times USA Today. Major US Newspapers Trending Articles:. Share Comment. One look at an antifa protest could tell you this but it's nice to have some data. When is enough, enough? How many national surveillance systems does America need? Our IP Address: This would have given some form of protection to nearly all tenants statewide, preventing their eviction as long as they were paying their rent and not being disruptive.

Such a move towards universal rent control would have been unprecedented. Here are the ways market-rate tenants are affected. You can no longer be denied an apartment on the basis of being on the tenant blacklist. A landlord can no longer ask more than one month's rent as a security deposit on a rental.

That will now be illegal. This could mean more landlords will require guarantors. When you move out you can do the same and the landlord needs to give an itemized statement of any charges within 14 days or the owner forfeits any right to keep part of the deposit. If a tenant breaks a lease, there's now more responsibility on the landlord to find another tenant.

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Recent Stories. Get Our Newsletter:. Search Brick. Best of Brick. December 24, - am. Share this Article share. A ban on using the tenant blacklist You can no longer be denied an apartment on the basis of being on the tenant blacklist. Limits to the security deposit A landlord can no longer ask more than one month's rent as a security deposit on a rental. Landlords can't sit on a vacant apartment if the tenant breaks the lease If a tenant breaks a lease, there's now more responsibility on the landlord to find another tenant.

You Might Also Like Is your building rent-stabilized? You should find out. Brick Underground's best advice on moving in New York City. NYC to get landmark tenant protections under new agreement that's poised to become law. Topics: Best of Brick rent rent laws rentals tenant blacklist tenants tenants' rights. Brick Underground articles occasionally include the expertise of, or information about, advertising partners when relevant to the story.

We will never promote an advertiser's product without making the relationship clear to our readers. Share This Article. Brick's Picks. Recommend For You. Comments View the discussion thread.The Blacklist. Without further ado:. When Berlin and Reddington head to the bank in Russia, the mobsters are seen on the streets of what is actually the Financial District, given away by the tourist wayfinding signs in the background with the shape of Lower Manhattan.

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Film location wise, this is also right in Station Square, using a telephone booth that has been added.The three officers appear on a blacklist made public for the first time this week by the Brooklyn district attorney, Eric Gonzalez, who says he will no longer call them as witnesses because he has determined they are not credible. By releasing the list to the public, the Brooklyn district attorney has made it nearly impossible for the officers to do ordinary investigations or make arrests in the borough.

The move goes beyond what other district attorneys in the city have done to deal with officers with credibility problems. The decision to release the names takes place against the backdrop of a national debate over whether prosecutors should do more to sideline such officers.

For decades, prosecutors in New York — and around the country — have kept private files on officers who have disciplinary or credibility problems.

nyc blacklist

But officers in those files still served as witnesses on occasion and the files were often kept secret. In many jurisdictions, prosecutors have declined to release the information they have, citing due process concerns for officers.

Defense lawyers and police-reform activists have pushed prosecutors to not only keep lists of problematic officers but in some cases to make them public, arguing they are an effective tool for sidelining dishonest or inept police. Gonzalez said he was releasing his list of seven officers to reporters in the name of transparency and to improve faith in the criminal justice system.

Most of the officers have been either transferred to other boroughs or taken off enforcement jobs, he said. Gonzalez said. The Police Department declined to answer questions about the credibility of officers on the list. Defense lawyers have long argued that secretive disciplinary proceedings and union rules protecting officers from dismissal raise questions about the ability of police departments to rein in misconduct.

As a result, the files prosecutors keep on police misconduct have taken on a growing importance in the national debate over fairness in the criminal justice system. Such files have been around for decades, primarily as a way to track information that prosecutors might be obligated to disclose to defense lawyers.

But they are now being embraced as a potential tool for combating police misconduct by activist groups and a growing number of prosecutors. Lynch said. For years, prosecutors in New York City had a reputation for not being rigorous about tracking officers with credibility problems, and that is one reason police perjury remains a problem, former prosecutors and legal experts said in interviews. Queens has released little information about its files on police officers, although the topic emerged as a campaign issue in the recent election for Queens district attorney.

Ikimulisa Livingston, a spokeswoman for the Queens district attorney, said the office was reviewing its policy.