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Whatsapp, owned by Facebookis one of the most widely used messaging apps on smartphones and you can get it on iPhone and any Android device. But the problem comes if you have iPad or iPod Touch. Today I will show you how to install Whatsapp on iPad without indian army officer in pakistan and without iPhone.

There are a ton of tutorials out there where you can install Whatsapp on iPad without jailbreak but you require iPhone for that. Fortunately I have found a method which allows you to install Whatsapp on iPad without iPhone and no jailbreak obviously.

You will need a couple of things before you dive into this tutorial.


Probably you will have all of these already but I have listed all of the pre-requisites below just in case. Congratulations now you have installed whatsapp on iPad without iPhone and without jailbreak as well.

Before you leave I want to mention a couple of things that I think you should know about this version of Whatsapp. I hope that you were able to install Whatsapp on iPad without iPhone and without jailbreak.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, make sure that you drop a comment down below and also make sure to share it with others so that everyone can enjoy Whatsapp on their iPads. Tweet Pin It M. Thx a lot, work great on iPad 3 ios 9. There are a few free options on the App Store. All of the apps require you to have whatsapp running on your smartphone and it must be connected to the Internet while you are using these apps. Essentially these apps are just acting as a remote control for whatsapp that is running on your phone.

For standalone whatsapp of iPad and iPad, the above mentioned method is still the best out there. Hi Steve, what about iPad mini 4 running I install using this, but it is saying that the app has to be updated, then tells me not valid for iPad…. The web version is for sure the most secure and reliable way to use it on iPad, It is actually pain less to use.

Thanks for your input. The problem with these apps are that you have to have Whatsapp signed in and connected to the internet on another phone. The one mentioned in the post is a standalone solution. I did this and worked suscessfully,, But after upgrade to ios 11 not working, how to resolve this…. I have successfully installed the Whatsapp following the steps above.

I downloaded the WhatApp 2. I have successfully installed the app, but when I try to restore my WhatsApp from the iPhone to the iPad, it says iCloud not connected, when it is connected.

iosninja whatsapp++

Is thee a way you could help? That is weird, I am not sure what is causing this issue but I will try and look for a solution to this issue. Related Posts. Alvaro August 21, Reply. Does it work on iPod Touch 6? Steve August 22, Reply. It should work. Carlos September 16, Reply. Gabriel Enrique October 6, Reply. Steve October 6, Reply. Rusty October 27, Reply.Many people for the day when AppStore offer a free trial version for a paid app that you think you require, before you can spend your hard-earned cash knowing that the app does work as advertised.

Interestingly, even after sometimes taking the plunge and shelling out the money for an app you require, you often find yourself tied down with pesky subscriptions. These listed sites are for IPA stores iOS which has very strict rules regarding downloading and installation of apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from third-party providers and sources other than iTunes and the AppStore.

Therefore, you must be using an Apple device running a jailbreak to install the free apps from most of these IPA download sites using Cydia Impactor. With a clean and straight-forward user interface, iOSNinja provides you with numerous iDevice resources from firmware files, jailbreaking wizards and tutorials to a huge collection of regularly updated IPA files for free download.

The only downside is that they host their IPA files with a website that limits transfers to 2GB a day, but that is plenty for most people.

One of the more popular free IPA download sites, PandaApp requires you to sign in with either your Facebook account or you could register yourself on the site. This site is unique as, besides offering a huge inventory of IPA files for your iDevice, it also offers a huge collection of Android apps. The downside of the site is the huge number of popups and advertisements you have to deal with on the site, but they are nothing but a minor irritation and some might be even useful.

A widely recognized free IPA download site that works with devices not running a jailbreak. Furthermore, vShare boasts both web and an app versions of its IPA market.

The app version allows you to download and install apps natively onto your iOS device while the web version provides frequently updated free IPA files for download. The downside of vShare is the limited download speeds and the odd error when downloading apps but those are quickly offset by the numerous advantages it offers. AppAddict started out as a highly popular Cydia tweak to download paid applications for free and later evolved into a free IPA download site with the development of Cydia Impactor.

With a clean, intuitive and very straight-forward interface, AppAddict deliver regularly updated IPA files of a huge number of apps and works even with non-jailbreak iOS devices. Another popular site that offers IPA apps for free download to all iOS users including those not running a jailbreak on their devices, iPhone Cake boasts a very simple and user-friendly interface and a vast number of paid apps that are available for free download to your iOS device.

On this site, all you need to do is register your iOS device and all the compatible apps, games and other customization features will be made available to you. Mob offers a great assortment of paid iOS apps that are free to download as IPA files and is highly recommended for iOS gaming enthusiasts.

The website also features install systems with USB start and has a simple categorical system of all iOS apps and games. Hollr is a free IPA store that offers you the ability to download any app of your choice and no charge. For the iOS gaming enthusiast, iPlayPlus offers a huge inventory of paid games completely free and regularly updated. It features a wide variety of very popular games as IPA files ready to be sideloaded into your iOS device.

The site also offers remarkable support. The site is in Chinese but can be very easily translated through your browser. It lets you download files of any size free of charge and the site is easily translated to English through your browser. Nevertheless, it offers a clean and straight-forward experience. However some browsers such as Google Chrome will offer easy translation thus clearing that hurdle and giving you access to all the free IPA apps this site has to offer.

APVV is a subdivision of vShare. It is a solid alternative should vShare not work well for you for any reason. APVV allows you to download otherwise paid apps through vShare. This site also offers latest iOS beta release downloads and firmware files without a paid developer account.Having more than one WhatsApp account has become a popular trend in People are using multiple WhatsApp accounts for personal as well as business purposes.

It is super easy to have multiple WhatsApp accounts on an Android phone. Many smartphone companies provide the default feature of Dual apps on their Android smartphones. You can also download apps like Parallel Space on your Android device to install multiple WhatsApp accounts. However, when it comes to the iOS platform, it does not provide any features of dual apps. Due to its restriction, you can not download any such apps from its official app store.

However, if you have a jailbroken iOS device then it is possible to download such apps. Jailbreaking is a risky game.

You void the warranty of your iOS device after jailbreaking it. You can also open your iOS device to various security threats after jailbreaking it. It is always advisable to avoid jailbreaking your iOS device. How do you get access to dual apps on your iOS device? Today, we are going to answer this question through our article. Follow us ahead to find a solution to this problem.

We will be using the Safari web browser for this tutorial. Other browsers may not work with our tutorial. Follow the tutorial below to install multiple WhatsApp accounts on your iOS 12 device.

Register your first account on Whatsapp. You can ignore the tutorial above if you have whatsapp installed on your device. A red icon WhatsApp will be installed on your device. You can easily differentiate between your first WhatsApp account and your second account by the color of the app icon.

Now, register your second account with the newly installed whatsapp. The registration process in the new app is the same as in the original app.This app version is the latest of it which is 2. In this version developers have added some new features and fixed some bugs as well. The App is completely virus free and compatible for all iPhone and iPad having version of iOS 10 or above.

The notable thing is you can install this app without Jailbreak your device and also we have provided the complete installation process below. This is a step by step guide just follow the steps and it will be done within a few minutes. And If you still find any issue that does let us know, we can help you out. NOTE: All the apps available here are submitted by the users or developers, we have tried our best to verify the files, and only the files which are secure are made available.

Some antivirus mistakenly assumes these files as virus and warns you. But I assure you these files are safe and you can use it. It is secure but we recommend you to use some alternative Apple id to be on safe side. Now look for your Apple ID and open it. Adds new features to WhatsApp. Features: Hide your online and last seen status from others Disable read receipts so that others will not know when you read their message Disable delivery receipts so that others will know when the message has been delivered to you Customize the look and feel of Whatsapp Use a full profile picture that doesn't get cropped Send more than 10 media at once Share music from your device Record audio with a single tap rather than having to tap and hold Lock WhatsApp with Touch ID or passcode.

Size: MB.Installing the app on your iOS 12 device is pretty simple. This requires installing the Configuration Profile. Configuration Profile.

iosninja whatsapp++

When you try to use the installer after downloading it, you will probably get an Untrusted Developer error to appear. Fix is simple.

TweakBox offers many different apps and games, all placed into Categories so you can search and access them much easily. Join Us on Facebook. TweakBox is one of the best iOS app installers of its caliber, full of useful and fresh content that will suit all types of user. Find out all the latest news and developer updates by following us on Facebook.

Need help with the download. I have had this app before. Got another phone and it will not get pass the Untrusted Developer Screen.

Please remove and re-download tweakbox again. This prevents TweakBox app data from being sent to Apple as it blocks all your private data. This prevents rokes on user-side and you can carry on enjoying TweakBox apps.

Thank you. The guys that make last day on earth have recently updated the game and as you guys have not updated the game which I and others can not played the hacked version of 1. Sorrythere have been no updates from the developer of UFC hack. I would suggest looking for UFC Stream. Why did you delete the previous pubg mobile app?

The developer has removed itWe brought a new developer with the modified app. We are trying to get in touch to restore old version in working condition. Why so? I usually never have a problem but when my iPhone got the latest update it removed my tweakbox app. Now when I try to download it, it gives me a white screen with an error message. I have been trying to download Merge Dragons for a few weeks now and everytime I install it just says waiting for ages then installs a grey box and I am unable to open the app.

I tried both the version before the current one and the current one numerous times.

iosninja whatsapp++

Any ideas? The Tiktok app, how do I access the hacks on that? The description for the app on tweakbox is for muscial. Every time i download a app from ur amazing app it sorta doesnt download and i cant open it or interact with it i have tried re-downloading the app but it didnt work please help.

Good afternoon, for some reason games are not installing. Is this anything you can help me with? I downloaded your app on my iPhone 5c IOS What can I do?? I already re-installed it several times. But it keeps on doing this.


I downloaded Spotify through your app and it seems to be working with the app itself. When I try to play Spotify through my Sonos, it says failed to connect to Spotify.Downloading third party applications have always been a troublesome thing for iPhone users. Yes you read it right. People who have gotten their phone jailbroken, do not face these issues, however, those who still live with the limitation of iPhone tend to face this issue a lot.

Every now and then, a game or two comes out which makes the world go crazy. Regardless of age, gender and country people are simply in love with this game. Downloading and playing this game is not a problem for Android users, iPhone users, on the other hand, did face some issues. But it is not the case anymore. This time there is an update and all you iPhone users are going to love it.

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All Rights Reserved. How to recover deleted notification history on Android with these two January 7, How to adjust video play back speed on iPhone and iPad September 23, WhatsApp is one of the best social messaging apps out there for iOS.

You can share photos, videos, audio, and documents instantly with your contacts. The also app lets you stay in touch with your friends and families via voice and video chat. Although WhatsApp has added lots of new features over the past several years, there are still a couple of essential features that are missing from the app.

Step 2: Download Cydia Impactor from here. Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it. Hey there! Please follow us on Twitter for the latest app updates, revoke news, and fixes. Description: Adds new features to WhatsApp. Features: Hide your online and last seen status from others Disable read receipts so that others will not know when you read their message Disable delivery receipts so that others will know when the message has been delivered to you Customize the look and feel of Whatsapp Use a full profile picture that doesn't get cropped Send more than 10 media at once Share music from your device Record audio with a single tap rather than having to tap and hold Lock WhatsApp with Touch ID or passcode Version: 2.

Tap to install on device v2. Step 3: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Step 4: Open Cydia Impactor. Step 8: Tap on the Trust button.

Step 9: Now open the app and enjoy it.