Gambro dialysis machine

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Search by Keyword. Home Product Search. Filter by Therapy. Endoscopic Applicator Box of 10 vials Box of 1 vial Malleable Tip Endoscopic Applicator The Ganbro AK 96 Hemodilysis machine is developed with changing economic and market needs in mind, providing reliable high quality care innovative features and high value.

It is a substantial improvement, highly relevant in most markets, as it brings features from top of the range dialysis machines into a compact modular system. Gambro goal in developing the product was to create a dialysis delivery system that is safe and effective, as well as simple. Gambro develops a line of products for kidney dialysis care, both at treatment facilities and by patients themselves.

Developed to deliver unrivaled levels of quality and safety in conventional HD treatments, the Bio version of the AK 96 machine ensures highest fluid quality and top-of-the-range features to further move the boundaries of dialysis treatments. Features available on the Bio version include the full Hygienic Chain, a recorded disinfection history and complete integration with Gambro water treatment systems. Post a Comment. Subscribe to Post Comments [ Atom ]. Braun MRB Dialysis machine.

Hemodialysis Machine. Gambro Ak 96 Hemodialysis machine.Dialysis Technician's Training. Dialysis treatments make a normal life possible for someone with renal failure, with the dialysis machine key to the process.

The dialysis machine acts as an artificial replacement for the kidneys, performing basically the same function as these body organs. Dialysis comes from the Greek work dialusis, which means dissolution; a perfect description of what the process of dialysis does.

It removes waste and excess water from the blood. People who have a kidney injury, acute renal failure or end stage kidney disease must have dialysis performed on a regular basis. In some, it is a temporary measure until the person can receive a kidney transplant. As a dialysis technicianone needs to become familiar with the machines used in the renal dialysis procedure. The dialysis machine mimics the functions of the human kidney in that it removes urea and some salts and excess water from the blood.

Wastes are absorbed from the blood and get washed away. There are a number of parts to a dialysis machine. A blood pump simply pumps the blood from the body into the machine through specially made tubes.

The blood flows into the dialyzer, where the actual cleaning takes place.

Gambro Phoenix Dialysis Machine

The tubes have two air traps attached to ensure air does not get into the bloodstream. An additional safety factor is an air sensor, which shuts down the entire operation if air does get by the air traps.

Because blood has a tendency to clot when moving through the tubes, a syringe is attached to the dialysis machine tubing. This syringe contains a drug called Heparinand this is pumped into the blood during the treatment. It is what prevents the blood from clotting.

The dialyzer is the key part of a dialysis machine where the cleaning of the blood takes place. The blood compartment of the dialyzer contains a membrane that does the filtering of wastes from the blood, using the dialysate solution. Once the blood is thoroughly cleansed, it is then pumped back into the body. Only about a pint of blood is in the machine at any one time.

Alarms are installed on a dialysis machine, in order to protect the patient from any errors in functioning. The things that are monitored with alarms include:. Next post: Peritoneal Dialysis. Top Dialysis Technician Training Programs.

gambro dialysis machine

Dialysis Technician Salary. Dialysis Technician Training. All Rights Reserved. The Dialysis Machine. The dialysis machine does constant monitoring of the solution of dialysate, keeping it with the correct balance of chemicals needed to do the job.

The machine also monitors the blood flow and ensures it is maintained sufficiently.Questions or comments about this publication can be directed to your local representative or to the manufacturer. HCEN Revision Before you get started - General Information 2.

Description - The Machine and its Components 3. Operating the Machine - Handling Guidelines 4. Hemodialysis - Double Needle Treatment 5. Hemodialysis - Single Needle Treatment option 6. Isolated Ultrafiltration 7. Profiling 8. Hygiene and Maintenance 9. Technical Data and Specifications Part 2 Instructions for Measurement Functions Part 3 Alarm Handbook Alarms To assimilate these instructions the complete manual must be available.

Before you get started - General Information Contents. How To Use this Manual. The reason for this is ease of access for the operator of the machine. It is important to observe that the parts should be considered as one document in spite of the fact that it is printed in three separate parts.

Gambro AK 96® Dialysis Machine Operator’s Manual

This means that things like references and index extend over the complete manual. The first part is printed in A 4 format, the second and third in A 5.

gambro dialysis machine

The parts are put in a box which should be considered as cover of the complete manual. Conseqently, when the manual needs to be changed to a more recent version due to updating of the machine program version, the complete manual all three parts needs to be changed at the same time.

How to find what you are looking for To be able to find what you are looking for in this manual, first read the brief explanation of how the chapters are structured and intended to be used further on in this section. Then use the table of contents either at the beginning of the complete manual or at the beginning of each chapter. There is also an index included last in each part extending over all three parts of the manual.

References to pages within the manual are shown with two figures, divided by a colon. The first figure is the chapter number and the second is the page number. For example; page would be chapter 4, page The first page in all three parts is the same, i.Gambro is a global medical technology company and a leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying dialysis products, therapies and services for In-center Care and Self Care Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Renal Intensive Care and Hepatic Care.

For decades, Gambro has led the market in renal care development and has been first to market with many groundbreaking innovations. Gambro has more than employees, production facilities in 11 countries, sales subsidiaries in more than 40 and sales in more than countries. The company was founded inafter Swedish industrialist, Holger Crafoord met an inventor by the name of Professor Nils Alwall.

Holger was so impressed by an artificial kidney that Nils had designed that he decided to develop and market what he saw as a potentially life saving innovation. Development work quickly began in Lund, Sweden, with the production of single-use artificial kidneys and dialysis machines getting underway in Expansion followed with the first plant outside Sweden opening in the s at a site in Hechingen, Germany.

Its origins are still recognised by the business today. One recent development is the projected release in selected markets of a new dialysis machine, the AK 96, during the spring of It has been described as a simple, safe and effective piece of haemodialysis equipment.

It allows the staff to look after the patients rather than monitoring the equipment and is part of our commitment to delivering good patient outcomes and therapies with excellent economies for the clinics. The biggest is In-Centre Haemodialysis Care and is the collective term for all chronic extracorporeal dialysis therapies such as hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration and hemofiltration.

Self Care Dialysis covers those patients who are able to take an active role in their own treatment, either at a centre or in their own home. The fourth segment is Renal Intensive Care and here Gambro has been working with healthcare professionals from intensive care units for over 20 years to ensure the most effective, optimal and innovative blood purification therapies are developed. Beyond the machines Gambro produces a range of disposable products such as fluids and filters that form the artificial kidneys and livers as well as ancillary instruments such as tubes and needles, which take the blood from the patients into the machine, removing toxins, and back again.

In short we have many people focusing on continuous improvements in various locations around the world. We utilise talent from all over the globe working as a team, which is one of our main strengths.

Gambro Artis

Another is that we are able to latch onto openings and opportunities that would not be visible to the majority of people but can be exploited because we know what we are looking for. We are a team of well-qualified people with an entrepreneurial spirit. This will increase the burden on healthcare systems worldwide and require that we focus on making our products as innovative and economical as possible.

The emphasis on making machines and equipment as easy to use as possible, leaving healthcare staff free to care for patients, is clear. It is, therefore, unsurprising that Gambro see itself as the company of choice for meeting the needs of dialysis providers who demand quality with improved operating efficiency.Load kg.

Condition: used, in good condition, tested and functional, for sale as shown! In stock can be shipped within days. Condition: used, in good condition, it shows signs of wear, for sale as shown! Not in stock This product is subject to possible delivery delays. Gambro dialysis machine for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration as pre- or postdilution and hemofiltration. Dialog Version-No. Operating hours : h. DOM : Condition : used, shows signs of use, tested and functional, for sale as shown.

Gambro Prismaflex dialysis machine with:. Manufacturer : Gambro Prismaflex. Auto Control 3XPT:. Condition : used, shows signs of wear, tested and functional, for sale as shown. Fresenius B dialysis machine option S. Manufacturer : Fresenius. Model : B. Condition : used, in good condition, shows signs of use, functional, for sale as shown! Model : Manufacturer : Arthrex. Model : AR Condition : used, has strong traces of use, functional, for sale as shown!

OM: Condition : used, has traces of use, functional, for sale as pictured. M : M: Condition : used, has traces of use, tested and functional, for sale as pictured. More pictures on request! My Account. Contact information. Ultra Medical GmbH. Sign in.There is absolutely no cost to you to submit this form. Doing so places you under no obligations and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. March 15 Gambro's Hemodialysis products are allegedly susceptible to bacterial growth, device malfunctions, and user errors which can cause severe, sometimes fatal side effects in humans.

Several reports of patients dying or experiencing high fever or stroke after kidney dialysis with use of Gambro machines concerns professionals.

Stay Informed. Posted by Florida on May 26, Not only the loss of his companionship and our life together, but the loss of a brother, uncle, great uncle and life long friend to many. Loss of income to maintain the household.

gambro dialysis machine

Pain of his loss and not being able to work and maintain a normal life at this point. Posted by New Jersey on December 27, He never got rid of the infection and died after many procedures conducted by treating hospital physicians.

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