Dewalt 734 planer not feeding

To use this feature, please Sign up or Log in. The main upgrade is that it has three disposable knives instead of two resharpenable ones. This leads to a slightly better cut quality. Another advantage of the disposable knives is that they are two-sided, and that they automatically set in the correct position. Resharpenable blades are not always the same size and therefore always need to be manually adjusted, which can cost a lot of time. Replacement blades are however more expensive than resharpening.

One of the biggest downsides of lunchbox planers is that they tend to have a lot of snipe. The reduced snipe, combined with the three blades instead of the standard two, makes the DW a good planer for finishing, and it gets better looking results than most other lunchbox planers. Although the dust collection has been improved over the DWit suffers from the same problem that wood chips can get stuck in the corner.

This means you have to remove it all the bolts entirely and clean it regularly. This is probably why on the newer DWDeWalt chose to add an extra blower to spit out the wood chips. Add it here. Machine Atlas Guides. We have the answers.

dewalt 734 planer not feeding

Reviews and Videos. Nice review of the DW by Shopfix. Goes over all the strong and weak points of this machine. Honest and comprehensive review by Toolamanjaro. Goes over all the features. Every comment on MachineAtlas is read and answered. And if you know some useful info or tips, please share them. You could really help out some fellow woodworkers! Your email address will not be published.

Save my name and email for the next time I comment. Did you find an error in our data? Let us know through this form. Login Register. Login Register News Compare machines. Type of machine Planer.By GaryFordApril 7, in Dewalt. I have a DeWalt DW portable thickness planer, which is about 15 years old. I need help troubleshooting a problem. Recently while planing some rough-sawn cedar, the planer started making a "clunk" sound about every two seconds. With each clunk, the work piece stopped feeding briefly.

After planing, the work piece had a very slight snipe mark every few inches. At first, I thought it might be dull knives, so I replaced them with a new set. That did not solve the problem.

I then ran the planer with no work piece. The right end would remain in its normal place. Later that day, I noticed a piece of deformed plastic on the floor near the planer. This piece seems like it could be a damaged washer or bushing of some kind that could be related to the misbehaving feed roller.

I would appreciate suggestions on how to repair the tool, if possible. I believe DeWalt no longer sells parts for this model, but some third-party companies my have them. Is this something I can do myself, or would the reassembly of the tool require precision alignment tasks not suitable for a novice? I would take that one to a well recommended repair shop as those machines do need to be set up very carefully so the planer takes off exactly what you dial in.

I'm in rural south central Colorado. The nearest DeWalt service center is in Denver, about miles. I'll call them for an estimate. Sounds like a piece of the roller drive is broke. I've never had ours apart to know for sure how it all works, but if you can tear it down partially the broken part should become apparent. I routinely take things apart. Most times I get them back together, but once in awhile not so much.

If its under warranty I wouldn't touch it. If not, taking it apart can't hurt too much because assuming you don't lose any parts it won't affect the repair the cost too much if by some chance you can't fix it yourself.

I was able to repair my planer, and I thought I might post what I did in case someone else has a similar problem. The exploded parts diagram was important to solving the problem. I removed the side panels and the chain drive cover. Then I removed the clips holding the chain wheels on their respective axles on the left side of the planer, and then removed the chains and drive wheels.

I could then remove the rear pressure roller by removing the brackets on each end below the bushings. I discovered that one of the bushings was cracked, which allowed the hole supporting the roller axle to become significantly elongated.

That allowed the left end of the pressure roller to travel up and down. I was able to get a new bushing from ereplacementparts. Installing it solved the problem. Note that I did not have to take apart anything in the motor housing or knife area. I'm not sure I could have done that and gotten it all put back together and correctly adjusted. Awesome Gary!

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dewalt 734 planer not feeding

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Cleaning the rollers in the machine has not been very effective. Time to take it apart? Arrrrrg Almost done milling that beech lumber I have to build the Roubo bench top I'm still working on.

Herreshoff The Compleat Cruiser. David Looking at the diagram, it seems its just springs for the down pressure, maybe they are weak. A good cleaning with solvent that won't hurt rubber is the first thing to try I guess. Be careful! Join Date Nov Posts Cleaning them and waxing the table is unusually enough to get them working again.

Old-school style. I'm pretty sure the rollers are the problem they had so much "stuff" on them, some of it peeled off. Chris, Dewalts come with magnetic set holders.

Pretty easy actually. Will work on it later this week or after the Holiday. It saves allot of time and energy cranking the cutter head up and down. NOTE the shafts need oil often! It's hard to clean the threads because there is a spring on the threaded shaft. Note, continued use of a drill for speed may damage the flats where the crank attaches.

The springs can be shimmed, we haven't done that yet but it is possible to gain some more down pressure.

dewalt 734 planer not feeding

I may try and get for a rubber roller conditioner that's sold to the printing business for big rubber rollers. These rollers are the reason the MGF came out with an improved machine. I replaced both rollers, bought some drive gears they are soft and break to avoid damage to the rest of the machine like a sheer pin wouldand new springs.It is large, efficient and power packed with over 20, RPM and 15Amp of raw performance.

The DEWALT DW can more than just handle deeper and larger cuts into hardwood, its three knife cutter head rotate at 10, plus RPM that translates to 96 cuts per square inch and the finest finishes possible by any planer. This planer is all about precision and finishing that is why it is endowed with a four column carriage lock that dramatically reduces snipe.

Moreover, it has got extra length for the outfeed and infeed tables that together offer Finally, additional efficiency is ascertained by reversible knife edges on the cutter blade. The DEWALT DW planer is a small sized bench top thickness planer that weighs 80 pounds and goes for a low price that sounded affordable to me and now having used it for a month or so, I believe that it is perfect any large or small sized workshop.

This planer is a highly proficient machine because of its 15amp electric motor power and it goes up to rpm while handling large and deep cut hardwoods. It was exciting to use this machine because of its impeccability. It starts up well and it produces an immaculate smooth finish each time.

The blades are present on three knife cutter heads with rpm and it provides 96 cuttings per inch. The fact that there is rotation involved during the cutting of wood by the use of the three knife cutters results in a smooth and flat surface. I have yet to find another planer that can provide such a nice smooth and finished surface.

Which Dewalt Planer Is The Best – DW735X vs DW735 vs DW734

The DeWalt planer dw has blades that last for quite a long time so you can use it for full two years without replacing the blades and as a result your expenses are highly reduced. Apart from the fact that they are not easily worn out, they are also easy to reverse once time comes to dispose of the blades.

The extra-long infeed and outfeed tables are two examples that prove once again that DEWALT is a reliable name in the build quality department. DEWALT makes wood planers that are built to last, and they make wood planers that are built to handle a wide range of tasks. Combine both of these things, and you are left with exceptional build quality in every possible way. With proper care, you will be able to enjoy what this product can do for years to come.

Throw in the 10, RPMs of cutterhead power, and you are going to be left with something that can get the job done more often than not. This wood planer gets to work quickly, and you are in control of how much power it displays. If you are new to using a wood planer, you want a product that will ultimately take that into consideration. While you still need to practice with one of these to become an expert, the DW still makes things easier.Also See for dw Instruction manual - 26 pages.

Page of 32 Go. Table of Contents. Before returning this product call. See us on the World Wide Web at www. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Page 3: General Safety Instructions WARNING: When using electric tools, basic safety precautions should always be followed Definitions: Safety Guidelines to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury, including the following: The definitions below describe the level of severity for each signal word. Please read the General Safety Instructions manual and pay attention to these symbols.

Page 6 3. Page 7 to lift up into the cutter head. If you are planing material that FIG. Use the piece of scrap wood to carefully turn the cutter FIG. Your planer is equipped with a three-knife cutter head with three blades that have two sharpened edges. Page 9: Circuit Breaker Reset Button those farthest from the cutter head on the tables that thickness planer: are integral to snipe prevention. Refer to Changing the Planer Knives section. Refer Dust Hood Installation paragraph in the Assembly section.

Page 17 5. Commencer par faire passer la courroie sur la poulie FIG. Se recomienda el uso de influencia de drogas, alcohol o medicamentos. Retire los tornillos AA, fig. Si va a cepillar una pieza larga de material, FIG. Su cepillo viene con un cabezal de corte de tres cuchillas con tres hojas que tienen dos bordes afilados. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:.

DW735X Vs DW735 Vs DW734

Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 32 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.The most common topic I get asked questions about is tools. While I do have Amazon affiliate links on this page in the slim chance that someone actually purchases it through me…. The reason being is purely financial and has nothing to do with the great performance of the machine.

The DW is a money pit in my opinion. I understand that with every planer you will eventually have to buy new blades but these have an incredibly short lifespan that cannot be stretched due to not being able to sharpen the blades.

Yes, you could upgrade to carbide blades but even then its a larger investment. Yes, you could upgrade to a helical cutterhead for the planer but even then you are nearly doubling the cost of the machine. If I were to do it over again I would take one of two paths. Either buy a much cheaper benchtop planer that allows sharpening of the blades and use the extra money on another tool for the shop or save up a hundred more and get a Steel City helical cutter head benchtop planer.

On with the show. I love this setup and highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a decent planer setup and has the room. Either build or find a dresser shaped piece of furniture. This prevents the planer from sliding without actually screwing or bolting it to the dresser. No clamps needed. Just slide it on and forget about it.

A regular pillow case is then secured to the pipe with a bungee cord. This is by no means a low micron dust filtration option but I find that nearly all of the waste from a planer is larger chips and this pillow case does a fantastic job at holding it all.

Even with the bag full the planer has no problem shoving more chips into the bag and slightly compressing what is in there. All the junctions in the flexible hose and PVC are all slip connections. Nothing is secured with tape or clamps. Then gradually snipe returned on the infeed side of the cuts. To reduce snipe everyone recommends ramping up the infeed and outfeed sides of this planer. That only works if you have auxiliary tables.

Something must have settled because I just noticed on the infeed side the melamine bed was bottomed out on the planer bed. Because the auxiliary bed is essentially suspended a slightly greater force is needed by the rollers to push the material through.

Well I hope that helps out in some way. Helping me reach more people greatly helps me to produce more free content in the long run. Thank you, good luck, and have a great day!

I did consider the cost of blades since most of them are disposable these days. I have gotten good life out of them IMO. However, I had to send the first planer back due to a quality control issue at the factory. The belt pullys were misaligned and ate the belt in about 10 minutes.A wood planer not only helps you get a nice, smooth finish on a surface of wood, but it also saves you the money that you would otherwise have to shell out for top quality pre surfaced lumber.

For woodwork enthusiasts, bench top surface planners turn to be the best choice. They are small enough to fit into a garage, and for their low cost they present fantastic thickness customization features. In that respect, DeWalt offers three choices of lightweight yet highly efficient planers namely the DW, DW and DWXand this article examines the salient features of all three models separately before pitting them against each other to see how they compare.

The two-speed, amps DW package is a pretty decent benchtop planer to start with. With a three knife cutter head, and a 10,RPM cutter head speed, the DW delivers an impressive cpi cuts per inchand can, therefore, handle deeper cuts in hardwoods, which is something that any woodworker would appreciate.

The cast aluminum base provided with DW makes it an extremely well-built machine. In addition, the automatic carriage lock provided in the DW removes the need for manual engagement by the user when using the tool.

One of the first differences that you will notice is the blade size i. From a general perspective, half an inch may not seem like a big enough difference, but when this aspect is translated into cut depth and surface flattening quality, the extra length does become crucial.

The second major difference is seen in the carriage lock mechanism, which is an essential component for reducing the effect of snipe. The DW features a manual, four column carriage lock. This means that you will have to turn the lever through several revolutions to lock the board in place. Then, there is the weight aspect.

While the DW weighs 92 lbs, its little brother, the DW is 12 lbs lighter.

DeWalt 735 Planer Feed Issue Fix

This difference in weight plays a huge role when you have to move the planner from the storage area to the work area and back. As mentioned earlier, both these models are the same in terms of basic characteristics. The extra blades no-doubt make for a good complementary feature given that you have to buy disposable knives for a DW once the current set is dulled out.

Nevertheless, the in-feed and out-feed tables produce the real difference between the two and this is seen in the snipe quality. Snipes measuring 0. In that respect, the snipe is greatly reduced when the feed tables are attached to the DW It is for this reason that the X package is preferred over the normal DW by people who are starting out with their woodworking endeavor.

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