Deadlift 4 times a week

Here's what you need to know High frequency training HFT can consist of utilizing the same exercise s anywhere from sessions per week to sessions per week. Pretty much anything and everything works for beginners, but HFT works for everybody from beginners to very advanced lifters. Submax lifting, times per week, is a good place to start. The various lifts live and die by the law of the jungle: they compete against each other.

If you want to get really strong at a certain lift, don't do a lot of lifts. Focus on a few you want to excel at. During the last years, many coaches have brought high frequency training HFT into the spotlight. HFT has a broad definition, though. It can consist of utilizing the same exercise s anywhere from sessions per week to sessions per week. The powerlifting approach is generally closer to sessions whereas some Olympic weightlifting coaches recommend up to short training sessions per week.

The difference has to do with the mostly concentric nature of weightlifting movements like the clean and jerk or snatch, which are less demanding on the central nervous system. Heavier lifts, like the deadlift, which also have an eccentric component unless you drop the bar take longer to recover from, so in most cases this means fewer training sessions per week for movements with a strong eccentric component.

Although the HFT approach might be somewhat new to some of you, this type of training is old school. Really old school. If we go back a hundred years, we find that the strongest people of that time trained the same lifts at least times per week and sometimes more.

Strong dudes like Arthur Saxon, Herman Gorner, and George Hackenschmidt often had multiple performances in front of audiences where they needed to exhibit huge power output several times a day. You might think that these guys looked ridiculous in their leopard print leotard outfits, but there was nothing ridiculous about their lifting.

Consider Herman Gorner and his kilo deadlift pounds in and you'll realize that it's absolutely possible to get very, very strong without drugs. This was the pre-steroid era. Testosterone was discovered and manufactured in the 's. Olympic gold medal winner and squatmaestro Paul Anderson used to squat at least three times per week and sometimes daily, often spreading his sets throughout the day. In my opinion there's only one man alive today who has the potential to squat as much as mighty Paul Anderson and his name is Carl Yngvar Christensen and he's a Norwegian powerlifter.

He recently squatted kilos pounds in an IPF competition for a world record. This is a drug-tested competition, for what that's worth. Check out the video and you'll realize that this man will soon squat more than kilos. So how many times per week does Carl Yngvar squat? He varies between three and four weekly squat sessions. How many times per week do you squat? Since she's a drug-free World Champion and World Record holder with a near 3x bodyweight bench press, it poses a real challenge.

It calls for Fiona's max bench jumped from an unreal kilos pounds to a wicked kilos in just two months. She competes in the kilo class and weighs in at 64 kilos pounds. Every three weeks, she does a very heavy max-load training session. Coaches and lifters who train with high frequency know this method is the holy grail of strength gains.One of the leading researchers in the field of strength and conditioning, Bret has drastically influenced me and my coaching methodologies.

In light of the release of his new 2 x 4 Maximum Strength ProgramBret graciously agreed to write a guest post outlining specific instructions to help you program your Deadlift for the best results possible.

In the world of strength training you have the deadlift…and then you have all the other exercises. What I mean is the deadlift is the only lift that has its own rules. Strong people have figured out that if you try to deadlift too heavy and too often you will either stagnate or hurt yourself. Trying to squeeze in heavy deadlift sessions into a single year is recipe for disaster. The maximal session will be performed three days after the sub-maximal session, allowing for four days of recovery from deadlifting after the heavy session.

Step one will involve picking your sub-maximal approach and step two will involve picking your maximal approach. Sub-maximal Session. With the sub-maximal session, you want to pick one of the three methods listed below and also your deadlift variation. Perform 3 sets of reps. Pause at strategic points during the lift for a 3-second count. Perform the movement with compensatory acceleration i. Maximal Session. With the maximal session, pick a set and rep scheme and go for a personal record PR.

My favorites are:. This gives you 6 PR options per exercise variation. Make sure you pause for a brief moment and reset after each repetition. Deadlift Variation. In general, you will need to decide upon:.The deadlift is an excellent exercise as it is metabolic in nature and loads up the entire body.

If done correctly and in proper frequency, deadlifts will build your hip, leg, and back muscles very quickly and very generously. But how much of this is true and how much of it is nonsense needs to be evaluated. Consequently, among lifters who stand by the deadlift as one of their favorite lifts, a question that is asked more and more is how often one should deadlift for optimal results.

The volume, intensity, and frequency with which you deadlift can greatly affect your results — so it is vital that you get this part right! Most people who are badass enough to deadlift, perform the lift either once, twice, or in rare cases, thrice a week. Some advanced powerlifters go heavy on deadlifts only once a month, as this best suits their training plan.

On the flipside, you might encounter maniacs once in a while who will tell you to deadlift every day. You have to realize that there is no clear-cut answer to this question unless we involve the training intensity. The deadlift is easily the most demanding of exercises, so you have to be really careful in planning your training routine for it. For instance, most people will deadlift only once a week, but they go heavy with near maximal weights in this one session.

Quite simply stated, deadlifting twice is OKAY — but only under some conditions. Here are the guidelines:. Yes, few lifters might argue they can survive on such a routine, but these people would count as exceptional. You are normal. That said, deadlifting twice a week can be better than deadlifting once a week. Deadlifting twice a week can actually be better if you switch things up in one of the two sessions, by doing lighter sets with more volume.

So on one session you go heavy and work in the rep range, while in the second session of the week you should aim for sets of reps of lighter weights but more repetitions. Alternatively, you can use the second session for another variation like Sumo deadlifts or Romanian deadlifts. These lightweight endurance sessions will help you progress faster in adding weight to your deadlift. If once a week is slightly less challenging for you, but twice a week can prove to be too much, simply go for 1.

For optimal results, deadlifting heavy 3 times every two weeks is often better and more lucrative than going heavy just once a week.

You should always push yourself a bit harder, but not too much that it would adversely affect your progress. That is the whole idea of training. The Fitness Staff at Strongerrr. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The Consensus Most people who are badass enough to deadlift, perform the lift either once, twice, or in rare cases, thrice a week. Related Posts. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You're probably cool with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Well this all depends on what your primary goals are. If your aim is size over strength, you can work around it. If your main aim is to be as strong as possible then the deadlift is absolutely essential.

This is because you can stimulate muscle growth via 2 types of hypertrophy ; sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar. It is of course possible to stimulate both by undertaking a powerbuilding program. Sarcoplasmic : Higher rep training that increases blood flow into the muscles and temporarily increases size.

Myofibrillar : Heavier, lower rep training favoured by powerlifters that breaks the muscle down by the shear weight lifted. And whilst the deadlift is an incredibly effective compound exercise by that I mean it hits multiple muscle groups at onceit can negatively impact your muscle building capabilities. And one of those times would be a variation on the lift.

Your goals are around building musclebecoming more efficient at a variety of lifts and finding out where your weak and strong points are. As an intermediate lifter your body is more accustomed to training and the peaks and troughs that come with it. Because of that an intermediate lifter should be deadlifting twice a week.

I use one of those sessions to PR in an accessory lift to prevent overtraining as the accessory lifts typically force you to handle less weight. Elite level lifters sometimes only properly deadlift once every couple of weeks as weight above kg is so taxing.

deadlift 4 times a week

Others might be running a program similar to the Bulgarian method which encourages daily PR singles. Chris Duffin the elite of the elite. This is serious weight and the strain on your body would be enormous. Should you do it? Absolutely not. But if you struggle to deadlift more than once a week, then the likelihood is your programming needs work and you could do with eating more food.

There are ways to increase the frequency of your training. You need to workout your MRV and adhere to it. As a beginner, I think you should deadlift once per week. You should incorporate substantial GPP into your training and you should be working your body from all angles. As an intermediate lifter, you should probably be performing the deadlift twice a week.

Deadlifting 3 Times A Week Will Kill You

I suggest using a variation of the lift once as a way to PR and your competition style lift to build volume in the early stages of your program. As your program progresses, I typically switch this around.

I train weak points with an assistance liftbut with a reduced volume. I then increase the weight and RPE with my competition style lift. Others like Chris Duffin above may do so much more frequently.

I never feel thicker than when I am consistently performing squats and deadlifts. But you can utilise isolation exercises to effectively target each of these muscle groups instead. Isolation exercises are much less taxing and can provide proper stimulation and significant muscle growth when utilised properly.Share This:. Admit it. Plus, your hands would probably get torn to shreds, and your gym would kick you out for dropping a heavy bar over and over again every time you come in to lift.

People often say the same thing about squatting, and many authors have dispelled and debunked that myth, including our gracious host, Tony. Here are a few reasons I deadlift as often as I do, and I think you should, too:. So how can you do it more often? As I mentioned initially, most programs involve deadlifting once per week with very low sets and reps at a high percentage of your max.

At least, not for very long before you run out of steam. This is, in a nutshell, is the program I lay out in my book Off The Floor.

Sometimes beliefs, even unfounded ones, can be very limiting. Looking for more insights like these on the deadlift — as well as a great program to help you improve your pull?

Your Guide to Programming the Deadlift

I read it one sitting last weekend while snuggling on the couch in a blankie, and literally had to resist the urge to hop in my car to drive to the facility right then and there to go train. He implements biofeedback techniques, teaching his clients, ranging from athletes to general population, to truly understand what their bodies are telling them.

Share This Post:. See his butt? You should probably listen to him if you have any hope of getting a butt that good. The whole world is hurting. The fitness industry, though, in an admittedly personal and biased take, is really hurting. I felt it… Read more. Read This Post.

Squatting and Deadlifting Twice a Week to Build Muscle

September 7, at pm Reply to this comment. September 8, at am Reply to this comment. September 9, at pm Reply to this comment.Unlike the deadlift and the pause squat, the regular barbell back squat has a negative portion with a strong stretch reflex at the bottom that makes the movement easier on the body and the CNS central nervous system.

Squatting heavy often is definetely possible. Deadlifting is not because the lift drains your mind and body. Moreover, the deadlift truly fatigues the lower back, which is the muscle group with the slowest recovery. The bench press is not nearly as stressful as the deadlift, but it places a significant stress on small structures like the rotator cuff, the pectoral tie-ins, the wrists and the elbows — areas that could easily be overworked.

Notice that in this case, we are talking about the back squat, not the front squat. The front squat cannot be done as frequently as the back squat because it places more stress on the knees and drains the upper back very quickly because the barbell is in front of you all the time. If you are naturalsquatting more than 4 times a week seems truly excessive.

Technically, if you are using low volume and low intensity, you can squat every single day…maybe even twice a day. If you can squat lbs, squatting lbs will not make you stronger. If you squat challenging weights more often than 4 times a week, you will burn out mentally and eventually quit. Furthermore, there is zero need to squat more than 4 times a week to get results. For a natural, the ultimate way to squat is two times a week.

One day with heavy weights and another day with more volume just to practice form and promote active recovery. For example, on Day 1 you can work up to one heavy set of reps and follow it with a couple of lighter back-off sets. The goal is to simply practice form and add some volume to your overall workload. You can continue adding weight to your heavy day while keeping your light day at lbs for months.

If you are a total beginner, you can squat very often. The method works well for your first two months in the gym, but once you start squatting your bodyweight, the progression slows down quickly. Who cares, really? At the end of the day, you are not saving the world with your squat numbers anyway. Let me tell you something really important.

All of John Broz lifters are as natty as the Bulgarians lifters winning medals years ago. After all, the methods of John Broz are a variation of what the Bulgarians did under the commandment of Ivan Abadjiev. Unfortunately, many lifters who trained under the orders of Abadjiev ended with wrecked knees, shoulders, elbows, backs and other injuries. Only the strongest survived and won medals. The rest trained just as hard but were destroyed by the regime. Squatting heavy every day only works for juiced lifters who do nothing but lifting and have really good genetics.

The bench involves mainly the chest, the front delts and the triceps. They are all weak muscles connected to fragile joints. Usually, people complain mostly of shoulder pain, but all points can be damaged easily. To tell you the truth, 2 times a week would be more than enough. You can follow the same plan as for the squat — one heavy day and one light volume day. If you are not built for the bench press, you will find it particularly difficult to sustain any type or crazy programs such as Sheiko and Smolov, which are, once again, used mainly by drugged lifters with a lot of time dedicated to moving iron.

Natty brahs can benefit from similar training, but only if they have the structure allowing them to recover fast. What is that structure? The best build for the bench press consists of short T-rex arms and naturally wide shoulders. The deadlift is brutal. Why is the lift so merciless? The deadlift does not rely on a stretch reflex.One of the most quintessential workout routines for those who wish to build up their muscle mass is the deadlift.

It not only develops leaner muscles, it also helps improve and strengthen core muscle groups. In fact, two of the best exercise for muscle mass building is deadlifting and squats. Just how much deadlifting is enough to deliver optimum results without straining the body?

One thing you should consider before taking up deadlifting is how strenuous this exercise is to your body. Jumping on over to the deep end i. You should also consider that everybody is different and state the right level to start your deadlifting is an impossibility that only you can answer. You should take into account your experience and the current state of your body. If this is your first time deadlifting then always start at the lowest weight possible and steadily work your way up.

For beginners, I highly suggest you start at the lowest and work your way to the intermediate level for deadlifting. How can you distinguish if you are at the intermediate level?

Once you can deadlift weight comparable or two times to your actual body weight then you are definitely at the intermediate level of deadlifting. You will need to incorporate another exercise as well in order to make sure you are able to develop your body evenly.

There are dozens of programs you can take up that includes deadlifting as a core routine.

deadlift 4 times a week

There are programs that include deadlifting once a week and there are others that have you deadlifting 5 times per week. Basically, it will be up to your overall goals or end game results.

To help you land on a more concrete answer to how often you should deadlift, you need to consider these factors:.

deadlift 4 times a week

Most likely, you will be one of three body types when it comes to dead lifting and exercising in general. The first type would be the one that adapts amazingly well to high volume deadlifts and exercises. Simply put, the first type will gain optimum results the more times they conduct workout routines in a week. Now, there are those who just cannot keep up with high-intensity exercise routines.

Chances are you are part of the second type of people which adapt well to high intensity yet low volume exercise routines. This type can handle extremely heavy deadlifting at a moderate amount of sets per week. Mix it up with a deadlift and squat same day exercise routine.


As you would have heard by now, squats is without debate one of the best full-body workouts you can do. The third and final body type is what I like to call diverse group. If you can handle high-intensity training at high volume and results keep rocketing upwards you are part of this group.

Basically, these people are monsters in the gym and can keep up with the best of them. The only way to determine which body type you have is to try out various training programs.

If you feel your body is struggling and hurting from a deadlifting program then you should ease on the brakes and slow down. Determine the middle ground wherein your body is able to keep up while positive results are gained. As an example, I started at the lowest level and steadily worked my way up to deadlifting two times my own body weight. This is a great way to avoid any downsides if you wish only to stay within a healthy BMI then take it slow.

As we have pointed out earlier there are three types of dead lifters that you could belong to. These are not only workout routines you can do but they pretty much cover the basics and can be used as a reference.

I would recommend this as the safest one to try for beginners as it does not throw you into the deep end from the start. It utilizes the heavy-light-medium deadlift routine:. Based on personal experience, I would definitely put this type of dead lifter as the easiest ones to train.

Basically, you should go for a deadlift program that offers high intensity but is done once every five days. That is just one example of a high-intensity, low-volume deadlifting routine.

deadlift 4 times a week