Ddo highest dps build 2019

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Reply With Quote. Warlock 2. Warlock 3. If forum posters who sound full of themselves are to be believed: 1 Assassin 2 Tempest 3 Kensai 4 Barbarian 5 Monk in roughly that order. Selvera: Aasimar Fighter 20; Old and wise fighter. Originally Posted by Selvera. However, some people, by blaming others for their own bad behavior, develop a thought pattern that allows them to override self-control in order to achieve a selfish end.

Originally Posted by Cordovan. Originally Posted by silinteresting. Originally Posted by Alled Why should i use all my neural cells when i can go inqui and go pew pew pew??? Originally Posted by Fedora1. I've never heard anyone claim assassin is top dps build, at least not in the last 3 years. Originally Posted by Aelonwy.Doing the Math on Soloing Classes. This is or at least used to be a fairly common topic for forum threads by new players: what is the best class for soloing?

As the game has evolved, the answer has changed, and in fact is probably no longer one single class at all but rather a multi-class polyglot, each class added to the mix to bring in one of the required soloing character attributes. That last paragraph implies that we ought to first spend a moment agreeing on what the exactly the required soloing character attributes are.

I suggest:. The latter two, traps and locks, are less important than the first four. You can complete almost all of the quests in DDO without opening any locks, although in a few quests you may miss optionals or the occasional chest of loot. Also, self-healing is a trap survival strategy, meaning if you have one you also have the other, more or less, although there are a handful of traps in the game that while on elite at least are too deadly to survive even with self-healing.

There is probably no way to remove opinion from this question, but we can reduce the impact of opinion by providing at least some quantitative analysis. Especially if we agree on the required attributes, which of course I do, as I created them. You may not, and if so, please let me know in the comments. Once one has a common set of attributes it becomes a much more straightforward task to rank each class within each attribute on a standardized scale.

A quick run through of the available classes should give us some actual metrics or at least narrow the field a bit :. These ratings are subjective and assume an average, stereotypical build. Some of them can be changed with character design, especially Heals. For instance a fighter could have Halfling dragonmarks, UMD rogues can cast Heal scrolls, monks can be built for adequate self-healing, and any class can buy Cure pots and heal up between fights.

But most Fighters, Rogues and Monks do not self-heal. I can add math to this by applying a scale of 0 to 4 none, poor, adequate, good, high for each rating.

ddo highest dps build 2019

Glancing at the results, they match up pretty well with the ways I would have ranked the classes even without doing the math; a vindication of the methodology. Clearly this does not take into account the way that the stealth play style boosts rogue soloing, or extreme long-distance ranged attacks boosting ranger soloing, and other similar play style varieties.

The fact is, it is possible to solo with any class. I believe it would be possible to quantify multi-classes too, by figuring out how many levels of each class provide what rating in each of the six categories.

But that will have to wait for another day. Interesting post. A Monk is different than any other class in that they get an unlimited resource: ki.

Every level 7 Monk gains the ability to use 10 ki to all but fully restore their HP every two minutes. All pure Monks with experienced players work in some level of healing amplification through gear and abilities. But even with a Dark Monk, lacking the capacity to heal while in battle as the Light Monk, can be played indefinitely with the right play style.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Store Page. So Im a new person to this game, but I actually played some of the tabletop. Ive always been a barbarian, because I like to hit things really hard, and that was always my solution to everything.

But this game might be different. So what would be a good class for me that has a high dps output, but also good survivability?

Mainly gonna be running solo, btu might get a friend with me. Thanks peeps!

ddo highest dps build 2019

Last edited by pvtmiller12 ; 18 Jan, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 30 comments. Other good f2p options are Paladin, Bard, or Cleric. Rodfather View Profile View Posts. Paladin for surviability a ridiculous amount of self-healing options and Barbarian for DPS although Barbarian has pretty good survivability too with accelerated metabolism enhancement and some extra healing amplification.

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Doug View Profile View Posts. A lot depends on whether you're F2P or pay to play. If you pay, Warlock and Artificer are both excellent. And Favored Soul is a melee-focused divine like a cleric.

It's possible to unlock FvS with favor, so it's technically available to F2P but you can't do so quickly or easily.

F2P options are all less well-rounded than the above. Paladin is the best melee choice, with decent self-heal. Ranger has the ability to kill things at a distance and paralyze living mobs if you go Arcane Archer. Clerics aren't great DPS, but they're survivable. Wizards and Sorcs aren't terribly survivable, but are great DPS. Barbarian is also great DPS but not very survivable with very little self-heal.

Disadvantage is the need to stand toe-to-toe with mobs, so you tend to take more hits.

The Division 2 - No Bleed Backfire Build - SMG Crit Build

As a barbarian running solo, you will spend a lot on cure potions and cleric hirelings. I do find it interesting no one mentioned Monk requires Turbine Pointsbut considering the title was "Starting" and Monks require quite a bit of work to really be good, it's not that surprising.

Well, DDO has ups and downs on character class popularity.Board Index Help Login Register. Builds Self-explanatory, no?

Moderator: Strakeln. Update on the Update for the Update. Forum Rules. Epic gear at 20 for Inquisitive. Build Challenge! Anyone notice. Dagger thrower build template? How are you playing Sorc? Icebard, post Feywild? U29 Mech. Reaper Melee Racial TR. Which race for Paladin. Purey Shuri. So finally made racial completionist Build Theorycraft time. What are people playing for endgame r10s and raids?

ddo highest dps build 2019

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Advanced Search. Best Inquisitive split? I got 32 doubleshot from enhancements heroic. But i am wondering what the highest dps build is? I am leaning towards a pure ranger. A pure fighter also might be good. I am reading about a ranger rouge artificer split is also good. Reply With Quote.

ddo highest dps build 2019

Originally Posted by Ultinoob. I think the sneak die from a deep Rogue split is probably hard to overcome on a build with such a high potential ROF as Inqui, especially with all the fort bypass it can get That being said, that's a pure DPS build well and trapping of course because you'll have no utility, no CC, no healing, no buffing, etc. And you'll need to figure out how to proc sneaks if you're soloing. Last edited by droid; at PM. In no particular order. Just a few I've tried. But not as many since inquisitive came out.

It is however been working just as I expected. Mothergoose - Kardinal - Bunks. Originally Posted by Bunker. We are no more dm'd then we were a week ago.

Originally Posted by Eth. Originally Posted by TedSandyman. Some people brag about how fast they finished the game. I cant think of a stupider thing to brag about. Or in this game, going from level 1 to level 30 in two days, or however long it takes. I can't even begin to imagine what drives a person to think that is fun. You are ignoring all of the content and options and going for sheer speed. It is like going to a museum and bragging about how fast you made it through.

Or bragging about how fast you finished a good steak. Originally Posted by Thrudh.Board Index Help Login Register. Moderator: Strakeln. Pages: 1 Send Topic Print. Highest sustained Ranged dps build Read times. Posts: 15 Joined: Dec 25 th Highest sustained Ranged dps build Dec 25 that am.

Looking for a ranged dps build for low reaper raid bosses. Still worth going the thrower? Also did anyone mange to drop the 2 piece shroud set and get Feywild gear to slot in somehow? IP Logged. I know. Posts: Joined: Nov 11 th Re: Highest sustained Ranged dps build Reply 1 - Dec 25 that am. Rast wrote on Dec 25 that am: Looking for a ranged dps build for low reaper raid bosses. Strake wrote on Mar 31 stat pm: Like every group, there are schlubs and there are stars, and a lot in between.

Pick your cause and I can say the same thing about the associated group. Re: Highest sustained Ranged dps build Reply 2 - Dec 25 that pm. Its nice because you don't have to manage a bunch of cool downs, ya just point and click. Ok Know the Angels, but other than that I'll never understand the propensity of people to brag about being good at a video game.

Its a toy you play with for fun.These are fairly simple generic builds that are easily accessible and recommended to new players. To keep things simple there will only be up to three popular builds per class here. Generally these will be based on each classes three PrE's, but not always. Equipment recommendations will only go up to Level 11, as that's about the time a new player starts to get a good feel for what items are helpful to their character and can decide on their own where to go from there.

In short, a build without any fluff. These builds are intended to represent easily built characters that new players can have fun with. Jump to: navigationsearch. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.

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