Bubble sort while loop

Alternatively, you can also use Python's built-in sorted function for the same purpose. Note: The simplest difference between sort and sorted is: sort changes the list directly and doesn't return any value, while sorted doesn't change the list and returns the sorted list. By default, sort doesn't require any extra parameters.

However, it has two optional parameters:. The sort method doesn't return any value. Rather, it changes the original list.

If you want a function to return the sorted list rather than change the original list, use sorted. If you want your own implementation for sorting, the sort method also accepts a key function as an optional parameter. Here, len is the Python's in-built function to count the length of an element. We know that a tuple is sorted using its first parameter by default.

Let's look at how to customize the sort method to sort using the second element. Let's take another example. Suppose we have a list of information about the employees of an office where each element is a dictionary. Here, for the first case, our custom function returns the name of each employee. Since the name is a stringPython by default sorts it using the alphabetical order. It is a good practice to use the lambda function when the function can be summarized in one line.

So, we can also write the above program as:. To learn more about lambda functions, visit Python Lambda Functions.

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Join our newsletter for the latest updates. This is required.Bubble sort is one of the simplest sorting algorithms.

The steps of performing a bubble sort are:. In this code, we are just comparing the adjacents elements and swapping them if they are not in order. We are repeating this process len a number of times number of elements in the list. Please login to view or add comment s. Become an Author Submit your Article. The steps of performing a bubble sort are: Compare the first and the second element of the list and swap them if they are in wrong order.

Compare the second and the third element of the list and swap them if they are in wrong order. Proceed till the last element of the list in a similar fashion. Repeat all of the above steps until the list is sorted.

This will be more clear by the following visualizations. Amit Kumar. Inserting a new node in a linked list in C. May 25, Set, toggle and clear a bit in C July 10, Beginning with ML 3. Shell Sort July 29, Expression Parsing: Part 2 July 23, How to calculate factorial !

Sorting a list using bubble sort in Python

Backtracking - Explanation and N queens problem. Strassen's Matrix Multiplication. Sorting an array using bubble sort in C. Sorting a list using insertion sort in Python.

Generating permutations of all elements of an array. Editor's Picks. Python Decorators - The simple way. Machine Learning : The Revolution.In computer scienceselection sort is an in-place comparison sorting algorithm. It has an O n 2 time complexitywhich makes it inefficient on large lists, and generally performs worse than the similar insertion sort. Selection sort is noted for its simplicity and has performance advantages over more complicated algorithms in certain situations, particularly where auxiliary memory is limited.

The algorithm divides the input list into two parts: a sorted sublist of items which is built up from left to right at the front left of the list and a sublist of the remaining unsorted items that occupy the rest of the list. Initially, the sorted sublist is empty and the unsorted sublist is the entire input list.

The algorithm proceeds by finding the smallest or largest, depending on sorting order element in the unsorted sublist, exchanging swapping it with the leftmost unsorted element putting it in sorted orderand moving the sublist boundaries one element to the right. The time efficiency of selection sort is quadratic, so there are a number of sorting techniques which have better time complexity than selection sort. Nothing appears changed on these last two lines because the last two numbers were already in order.

Selection sort can also be used on list structures that make add and remove efficient, such as a linked list. In this case it is more common to remove the minimum element from the remainder of the list, and then insert it at the end of the values sorted so far.

For example:. Below is an implementation in C. More implementations can be found on the talk page of this Wikipedia article. Selection sort is not difficult to analyze compared to other sorting algorithms since none of the loops depends on the data in the array.

Therefore, the total number of comparisons is. By arithmetic progression. Insertion sort is very similar in that after the k th iteration, the first k elements in the array are in sorted order. Simple calculation shows that insertion sort will therefore usually perform about half as many comparisons as selection sort, although it can perform just as many or far fewer depending on the order the array was in prior to sorting. It can be seen as an advantage for some real-time applications that selection sort will perform identically regardless of the order of the array, while insertion sort's running time can vary considerably.

However, this is more often an advantage for insertion sort in that it runs much more efficiently if the array is already sorted or "close to sorted. This can be important if writes are significantly more expensive than reads, such as with EEPROM or Flash memorywhere every write lessens the lifespan of the memory. However, insertion sort or selection sort are both typically faster for small arrays i. A useful optimization in practice for the recursive algorithms is to switch to insertion sort or selection sort for "small enough" sublists.

Python input()

Heapsort greatly improves the basic algorithm by using an implicit heap data structure to speed up finding and removing the lowest datum.

A bidirectional variant of selection sort sometimes called cocktail sort due to its similarity to the bubble-sort variant cocktail shaker sort is an algorithm which finds both the minimum and maximum values in the list in every pass.Comparing different sorting algorithms for time performance has always been amusing.

It has been done tons of time. But you should try it out for yourself. Apart from fun, this comparison is very useful in real life. Companies and organisations need to sort and search data all the time. Thus it makes sense to compare and find the best suitable sorting method. This is an average value. Due to other processes going on at the same time as comparison, the recorded time varies during each run. Like in one execution, above time was recorded as 0.

Same goes for all the time values. In effect I have averaged the time taken in the 4 executions. For greater accuracy keep the number of samples to a minimum 10 although I leave it to you. And also the code should be executed on a variety of computers and Operating Systems again I leave that for you. You must wonder why I chose the above three algorithms for comparison.

bubble sort while loop

Why not merge sort arguably the fastest sorting algorithmor heap sort? And pray, why include Bubble Sort at all??

bubble sort while loop

For one the beginners should know that their favourite sorting Bubble sortis umm, well, pathetic and un-acceptable. Second, that quick sort is indeed quick. And I had to take some medium performing algorithm, so Insertion Sort was chosen. All three of them are quite popular and easy to understand. I encourage you to copy the code modify it to suit your needscompile it with your choice of compiler and execute it. And share the results with us.

I will be glad to showcase here what you found and how fast your computer runs. This file is read each time before a sorting is performed. This way you can generate a bigger file for more numbers. Also you can download both the codes, there executables and random. It may seem that program is hung after sorting 50, numbers, but it is not so.

The screen stops responding because, the bubble sort starts taking longer times in several minutes. So nothing to worry, just watch a video or two on vimeo or youtube. Hi, like your programme.

bubble sort while loop

It seems like not. Possibly some flaw in the techniques. Just suggestion. Length : Bubble Sort : 0. Length : Bubble Sort : Although i had printed a subset of sorted values after each sort. On your suggestion i actually added code to print the sorted result in a file.

bubble sort while loop

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